Is PUBG Mobile Returning In India on 2nd December?

On the 29th of October, PUBG Mobile announced on their Facebook page. That all the PUBG Mobile access and services in India are going to be terminated. And the users from India will be not able to access the game from 30th October. This is a bit of shocking news from all of the fans of the game and literally, no one is expecting that too.

For the information, the publishing rights of PUBG Mobile is held by Tencent. And all the servers in India are also managed by them too. And the Facebook post on 29th October is also been posted by Tencent.

But after this incident, the official website of PUBG Mobile posts a blog on their site. That from the 2nd December 2020 PUBG Corporation is going to merge into Krafton inc. And that the personal information of the users is going to be transferred to Krafton inc also.

So what does this post actually means? Is Pubg is Coming to India again after merging with Krafton inc?

And the answer is, it can be relaunch in India after 2nd December. But there is no confirmation that the game will again launch in India. So all you have to do is wait for any Confirmation from the Game itself.

PUBG Mobile unban

What does Krafton inc actually do-

Krafton inc is a parent company that is founded by the Bluehole in 2018. And now the PUBG corp is announced that they are merging with the Krafton inc. And that means that Tencent is no longer handle the game now. Tencent is a Chinese tech giant esports company that managed the game in India from its launch but after the ban in India. The PUBG Corp decided that it’s going to merge in with Krafton now.

But this does not mean that after this change the game will be unbanned in India. Because there is not a single statement by any official of the game about the unban in India. And what is going to happen after 2nd December.


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