How to create and use Twitter lists feature effectively


Twitter is widely known for its microblogging content. Almost half a billion tweets are posted in a single day on Twitter. So it is, as popular as Facebook and Instagram.

 And one thing that makes Twitter different from Facebook and Instagram is that, Twitter works on writing, and therefore you can find plenty of educational content on Twitter.

Because when half a billion tweets are posted in one day, there will be no shortage of content on the platform. But when there is this much content available on any platform, choosing the right type of content in different topics can be challenging.

Fortunately, Twitter has a solution for it too, Twitter list. And once you understand how to use it, it will be very useful to you.

What exactly is Twitter lists –

In simple words, a Twitter list is a feature that allows you to customize, organize and prioritize your tweets. So you can only see what you want to see and from whom you want to see in your home feed.

For example, you can create a list where you can see all the updates related to computers or social media post.

You can join the list made by others, or you can create your own. And in this article, we discuss both of them. So you choose when to create yours or when to join others.

How to create own Twitter lists –

  1. Open twitter and go to navigation bar.
  2. Select the list option.
  3. Then press the create new list icon on the bottom right corner.
  4. Give the name and description to your list, choose if you want to make it private or accessible to other. And press create.

And your list will be visible in your list section. To add members to it, just select the persons you want to add to it by clicking the three-dot menu and pressing the add/remove from the list. And all the tweets for that person will appear on that list. You can add as many members as you want.

How to join others Twitter list –


There are thousands of lists that are made by others on every topic. If you don’t want to create your list just follow their.

  1. To follow other’s twitter list, go to the navigation bar, and click the lists option.
  2. There you will see discover new lists section, click on view more. And follow any list that interest you.

And somehow in future if you want to unfollow some list, then just go inside of that list and click the unfollow button.

How to add/remove peoples from the list –

  1. To remove someone from the list, go to the list settings. then enter to your created list.
  2. Now click the edit list icon.
  3. And press manage members, there you will see all the members that you add there.

Deleting the list option will also be there. In case if you want to delete the whole list.

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