What is Apple One, And How Much the Subscription Cost In India

Apple One

In September 2020 Apple done an event to launch its brand new watch and its new iPad in the market. And also this is the main attraction of the event too. But in the last movement of the event, Apple announced something new that is related to its digital services. And that is Apple One.

From the release of iPhones in the market, Apple’s main source of revenue is its iPhones that sell in Millions in numbers in the Market. But like any other thing, this can’t be happening forever and Apples know it too. And that where the Apple services came in Play. And after iPhones, Apple services are the second most profitable sector for Apple.

Apple services include Apple Music, Apple tv, Apple Arcade, and iCloud. The peoples who use apple devices know that they have to pay a subscription fee to use these services on their devices. But what is Apple One and how it related to Apple services?

What is Apple One?

Now you know what apple services are. And you have to pay them individually to use these services in your iPhone and other Apple devices. And what Apple did for these services is that they create a bundle of these services and set them in three tiers. So no one has to buy different services separately.

1.Individual Plan-

Only a single person can use this subscription tier.

  • Apple Music
  • Apple tv+
  • iCloud -50GB
  • And Apple Arcaid

2. Family Plan-

You can share this plan with up to 5 peoples.

  • Apple Music
  • Apple tv+
  • iCloud -200GB
  •  Apple Arcade

3. Premier Plan-

Share with up to 5 more peoples.

  • Apple Music
  • Apple tv+
  • iCloud -2TB
  •  Apple Arcade
  • News+
  • Fitness+

Apple One Subscription Cost in India-

Apple One Price in India

Apple announces this new service in September. But the actual release of the service has happened on the 30th of October. And now the Indian users can also access this bundle subscription with 1 month of a free trial.

And now the good news for the Indian user who wants to use this plan. Is that the plans are quite cheaper as compared to the US price for the subscription. So now let’s see what you have to pay to use their Apple One plan in India.

  • Individual plan Price in India is Rs.195/Month which is quite low as compared to US price that is $14.95/Month.
  • The Family Plan price in India is Rs.365/Month, while the US cost of the same plan is $19.95/Month.
  • The Premier Plan is now available to limited countries now like the United States (US), United Kingdom(UK), Canada, and Australia.


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