How to use Microsoft Edge Pdf Viewer Effectively 

Chromium, a word that you may or may not be aware of. But it is the reason behind some of the most popular browsers out there. And one of them is Microsoft Edge.  

In 2020, Microsoft did a substantial change in their browser when they launch their new Edge browser that is built on the top of Chromium. 

And if you are wondering what chromium is, here is a short explanation for you. Chromium is an open-source browser project. Which different companies used to build their own browser on top of it. And that is, because building a web browser from scratch is not as easy as it sounds. 

But this transition brings a lot of changes and add-ons to Microsoft Edge with some of their own unique options.  

One of these features is the Pdf viewer.  

How to add PDF’s on Microsoft edge PDF viewer

So, the best way to open pdfs on edge browsers is by simply dragging the file to it. And drop it on the tab section. 

You can also go to file and right click on it. That will give you the choice of open with Edge. 

Both works perfectly fine, and you can choose any choice you like according to your preference. 

How Edge PDF viewer is different from other browser PDF viewer

Therefore, as you can see above, the different browsers have different pdf viewers. And if you look on the Edge, you will see there are some extra choices visible on the top bar. As compared to chrome.  

And even if you use Firefox, which is not an chromium based browser, in that too these extra tools are mission 

 So, let’s see in detail what these features are and how they work.

Tools that are available on Edge PDF viewer

There are many tools that are available on the Edge pdf viewer, that are also available on other browsers too. However, you can view the changes from the right side of the tools such as Add text, draw and highlight.  

Add Text – Now the adding text option is very helpful if you want to insert your own text in a pdf file. It allows you to include text to a pdf file anywhere you want. Example if you are reading some books in pdf format, with the add text option you can insert your own words in pdf easily. 

Draw – Draw is another option that is available. It allows you to draw anything on the file with different pen sizes and colors. 

Highlight – Now this highlight feature is very useful if you are someone who likes to point out sentences or paragraphs while you read. As a result of this function, you can do that without using any third party applications. Now to do that click on the highlight button and select the text that you want to highlight. And it will be done as soon as you complete the highlighting.  

Saving all the changes – With the save button you can save these changes permanently.  

Also, you can still erase the changes even if you save the file multiple times. 

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