2 Best way to take a screenshot on Linux


As a student or someone who surfs the web, I often take screenshots. And it is one of the most essential tools for me whenever I use my device.  

And to do that, for a long time I either used the Windows default application or the ShareX application that has more multifunctionality for saving images.  

Then a few months ago, I switched to one of the Linux distributions, and I discovered that ShareX didn’t work here. And then I started my journey to find the most efficient screenshot application that works on Linux distributions.  

And come along with one or two amazingly effective methods to do it. So, if you are also looking for the most convenient way to save a screenshot on your device then you are in the right place.

Method One – Using the default Screenshot application


If you are a person who needs a simple and light weight screenshot tool. Then you should use the pre-installed software.  

Because to do this you don’t need any third-party application on your system. And on top of that, they work just fine. 

And to use them you can either go to the search bar and search for a screenshot. Where you can find the screenshot application’s GUI. 

Or you can use some simple shortcut keys from your keyboard to take a full screen or selection screenshot. 

Here are some shortcuts that you can use.

Prtsc – To take a screenshot of the entire window. 

Shift + Prtsc – to take a specific region screenshot. 

In addition, if you need to copy an image to your clipboard, then use the shortcuts above, according to your needs. And when the screen is captured, you get a pop up where you see different options for saving or copying the image. 

Method 2 – Using third party application

A second way to use the screenshot tool on Linux is through some third-party applications. In Windows we use ShareX, similarly for Linux there is an application named Flameshot which works perfectly on Linux systems and brings some additional functionality. 

How to download Flameshot on Linux

Step1 – Open browser and search for Flame shot. 


Step2 – Open the first website in the result and click on the download button. 

Step3 – Now click on the Linux option and then scroll down a little bit. 

Step 4 – For Linux mint, choose Ubuntu 18.04+ and Debian 10+ command, and paste it into your terminal. 

Step5 – And once the downloading is completed the application will be installed on your system.

How to run Flameshot on Linux

To run the application, search for it on your system. And as soon as you click on the application it will open its shortcut on the bottom panel. 

And as soon as you take your first screen shot you also get plenty of customization options too. That lacks the default screenshot application. 

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