How to view Hindi and English lyrics on Spotify


The online music streaming industry is on a boom. And the one company that is ruling it, is Spotify. Spotify has almost 381M users worldwide with 172M paid customers. And that numbers show how popular it is in all around the globe.

And when a company has that huge number of subscribers, then also they have to constantly upgrade their service too. So all the users get what they want.

And one feature that for quite some time all are asking for is the live lyrics on the songs. Although it was their for some songs, but now it is fully supported for every song.

So let’s see how you can turn on the lyrics in Spotify on different devices.

How to view song Lyrics on Spotify Mobile

Step1 – Open Spotify and open any song that you want to listen.

Step2 – While you are on that song, Swipe up and the lyrics for that song is there.

Step3 – And if you want to see those lyrics on the full screen then click the expand icon, and it will appear on the whole screen.

How to view song Lyrics on Spotify Desktop –

If you are a person who likes to listen the songs on laptop or PC then this is for you.

Step1 – Open the Spotify application on your PC.

Step2 – Play any song that you like, and then on the “Now Playing” bar there will be a mic icon, click it and your lyric will be right on the screen.

You can also view lyrics on Spotify Tv app. So if you want to know more about this, then you can visit the Spotify official blog post. To see more details.

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