How to know which Facebook account is linked with your PUBG

Facebook linked with PUBG

PUBG and Battleground mobile India talks are everywhere these days. From the ban of the PUBG to the half release of the BGMI. It seems like it attracts almost everyone’s attention. But let’s not talk about this because you already know all of this.

Let’s talk about a query that has come out with a lot of confusion. Like you all know when the beta version of the BGMI released a few days ago. It also came up with the feature of transferring data. And that lets you transfer all of your old PUBG data into the new BGMI like Guns skins, outfits etc.

But at this moment you can only use Facebook and Twitter to transfer your account from PUBG to BGMI. So that’s mean your PUBG account will be linked to one of them. But even if so, and you are like me who has one or two Facebook account then it was very confusing that which Facebook account that I used to link with PUBG.

But the good thing is there is a way to know this. And that’s exactly I am going to show you how you can find your Facebook account that is linked with your PUBG Mobile.

Know which Facebook account is linked with PUBG –

Step1 – Open Facebook from the id that would be linked to your PUBG account.

Step2 – Then find the setting and privacy option on the app.

Step3 – Now inside the Setting and privacy there is another setting option click that one.

Step4 – And now the real work begins. Inside the Security section, click the Instant games.

Step5 – Inside the instant games if your PUBG account was linked with that Facebook account it will appear on the Active section. And if your PUBG account was not seen in that section that means you have linked your PUBG account with a different Facebook id.

And you can check your other Facebook id too. By repeating this method on them.

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