How To Change Player Profile Picture In PUBG

Change Player Profile Picture In PUBG

Change player Profile Picture in PUBG-We all love Pubg mobile and we play it quite many times with our friends. And it’s fun you know to meet up and then play in one squad and take as much chicken dinner as you can. And create your own identity among your friends.

There are many ways to make the identities of a player in PUBG. Include the name and the Avatars which is also called profile picture. PUBG has some pre-made avatar in it. But if you want to make or upload our own image in Avtar then there are some ways to do it.

First is Facebook but it also makes you to changed our Profile Picture on Facebook too. And if you have a custom made avatar then it not appropriate to set in Facebook DP. But in this post, I am going to tell you some ways that allow you to change the profile picture in pubg with changing your Facebook profile.

The first thing to Know about changing Profile Picture From Facebook.

 Change Player Profile Picture In PUBG

First, you have to know that if your PUBG account is connected with Facebook. Then there is no way you can have a Facebook DP or pubg profile avatar different.

So first you have to change your linked Pubg account from Facebook to Google Play Games. And after this, if you change your Profile Picture in PUBG. Then it doesn’t affect your Facebook profile.

Change Player Profile Picture In PUBG With Google Play Games-

 Change Player Profile Picture In PUBG

For this first, you have to link your PUBG account to Google Play games which we talk about in a few movements. And after that, you have to follow the below steps.

  • So first connect your account to Google play games. Which is also connected from Gmail account.
  • In the second step, you have to go to, Google Account and open the first link.
  • In there you see your Gmail account open there. NOTE– Open those Google account in there which is connect from Google Play Games.
  • When you open the account you see a social icon there just like in the above picture. Click on that picture and change it. From your gallery.
  • So the one-half part is done. Now open your PUBG game and go to the Avatar section where we see the years image which you have set in Google Account.

Change Player Profile Picture In PUBG From Twitter.

If you are using Twitter and want that your Twitter profile picture will appear to be your Pubg profile picture. Then you have to connect your PUBG account to Twitter. And if your account is already connected from Twitter. Then follow these simple steps.

  • Open your Twitter account.
  • Go to the profile section and click on the profile picture. Then select the profile picture you want to show in PUBG profile picture. NOTE– But your Twitter profile image will also change.
  • Then open the PUBG app and go to the Avatar section. Where you see your new image which you want to use.

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