Chrome OS Flex Wifi network not showing problem solved


In laptops and pcs, Windows seems like the right kind of choice as an operating system. But is it that good nowadays? Some will be saying yes it is the absolute best and for some, it is just a headache. And if you have a low-end PC then you know what I am saying.

You don’t get windows 11 plus the Windows 10 that are currently running feels like an OS from the 90s.

And that’s where some of the alternatives of the WIndows comes in. No, I am not talking about Linux here. Here I am talking about the new Chrome OS flex.

An operating system that is particularly made for the low-end specs laptop and PCs.

But one problem that some of the users are facing while installing flex on the Pcs, is their wifi is not working. And because of that, the installation of the Chrome OS is hanging in the middle.

But don’t worry because we have some news regarding it. That might help you with this problem.

Wifi Network Problem on Chrome Os Flex –


If you are also trying to use Chrome Os flex on your PC and can’t install it properly due to lack of Wifi connecting. Then do not worry because you are not alone that are facing this problem.

The situation is here that Chrome OS flex is still in the early developer mode. And that’s why it has lots of problems that are still going to be fixed and one of them is the Wifi card not recognizing.

And if you will go to their help page on the internet, then there you will find in the known issue section there was a question. Where Google gives a list of wifi chipsets that are currently not supported in the new Chrome Os flex.

But don’t worry as I have said earlier that the new OS is still in the early phase. And as the days go by all these problems will eventually going to be solved. So it’s only a matter of days till the Wifi problem will be solved on the Chrome OS.

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