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If you play games or use different social media platforms. Then it is guaranteed that you heard the name of Discord somewhere. Because nowadays it’s quite a popular social media app. Its come up with all the feature of social media. Like sending text messages, video calling, and its most famous feature voice calling.

But the question is how discord is different from other social media platforms. And particularly why most of the gamers use this platform nowadays. And the simple answer to this question is, with the help of this app you can create a community of peoples who are interested in the same tasks as gaming or education.

That’s why you see most of the gamers are creating their server in discord. So they can connect with other people who are also interested in that particular game. You can also create the server in it, for educational purposes or business purposes. So if you want to use discord you can follow the steps which are given below to solve all your queries related to the app.

How to create an account in Discord?

Create Discord

For creating a server in discord you have to first download the app from Playstore, or if you are a user of iOS then from AppStore. The app is available on both platforms.

  • When the first time opens the discord in the device. You see two options Register and log in. If you are a new user then click the Register and if you have an existing account then click Login.
  • If you are a new user then inside the Register option you have to fill your username, your email and then create a password. Then click on the Create an Account button.
  • Now your discord account is successfully created. And after that, you see two options inside the app which helps you to create your server or joining another person’s server.
  • For creating your server. Click the first option, then fill the server name which you want to display to others. Now you are ready to share the link of your server to other persons to join your server.

So these above step helps you to create your server and account in Discord.

Discord login new location detected Problem


If you have an existing discord account. And now want to log in again in that account. But when you trying to insert the ID and Password. An error notification showing which sound like login new location detected. And you cant login to your account. So what to do for this.

And the simple solution is. Check your email id address which you used to create your Discord account. In your that Gmail account you see a mail of the discord team. Just click the verify login button in the mail and you will be easily log in to your account.

How to use the Voice chat feature of Discord in games?

Voice chat setting

Discord is a popular app for communicating with friends during playing games. And you can use the voice chat feature in any games. But if you play PUBG or Free Fire then it will be a greater feature for you. Because we all know PUBG has a huge problem with Mic glitch.

  • So if you want to voice chat with your friend while playing a game. Then all you have to do is open your created server.
  • Now below the Text Channels option, there is a Voice Channels option too.
  • Click the General option there and then press the Connect to Voice button.
  • And after doing this you are now connected in voice chat. And all the other peoples who also connected there can now talk with you.

So these are the simple steps that you have to follow to use the voice option while playing any game.


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