How to play YouTube videos in the background 2020

Youtube videos in background

Youtube has always been a favorite platform to watch the videos. And It is the cost-free too, as far as you don’t want to buy its premium version. But most of us use it free. You can watch anything you want in there the Youtube is full of comedy videos, educational videos, and music videos. Most of the music albums are now releasing on Youtube too. 

And the big thing about Youtube is anyone can create a video for it and upload it in. So there is always been a lot of videos to watch in it. And it never going to empty. But with this bundle of videos sometimes we want to hear songs and some videos without seeing them. And we want to run those videos on the background while our screen is off. 

But you can’t do this on youtube free version. If you press the home screen button while playing a video your video will stop playing. And for this problem, we have some tips for both Android and IOS devices users, which you can apply and play your Youtube videos in the background. 

1. By Purchasing Youtube Premium

Youtube in safari

The Youtube premium version brings lots of benefits to it. Like you can watch the Youtube without any adds on your screen and it a relief to not see any adds on Youtube. You can also watch some shows which are the only premier for the Youtube premium members.

But the Biggest benefit which I think is, that you can run your Youtube videos in the background too. And that is a huge feature you don’t have to worry that if you switch to another app or if you click your power lock button. Your Youtube videos still are running on the background.

2. Using Safari Browser to run Youtube Video on background

If you are an IOS user then this information is for you. And by doing this you will be able to run your Youtube videos in the background. And for applying this you will need a browser, not a Youtube app. And since it is an Apple device so you can use the Apple Safari. But if you use Google Chrome, it works on that too.

Step1– First you have to open your Safari browser and search the Youtube in it.

Step2– After your Youtube open, run any video on your youtube.

Step3Now in the top section you see a AA option in that browser. Click on that option and there you find the Request Desktop Site option. Click that.

Step4– Now you see your Youtube interface changes. resume the video and click the home screen button. Now in the notification panel, you see another section for that video Youtube video.

3. By Using Google Chrome or Firefox For Android users

Youtube in Chrome

Google Chrome and Firefox are the two most loved browser for android. And they worked very fine. That’s why for android we choose those two browsers.

Step1–  Open chrome browser and search Youtube on google.

Step2– And in the top right corner you find a three-dot option. Click that and tick the Desktop Site box.

Step3– Now you going to see your Youtube interface like Youtube desktop. Play any video and click the home button. And you now see that the video is still running in the background.

Same steps for the users, who use Firefox as the there main browser.

4. Play Youtube videos on the background using Xiaomi phones

If you use Xiaomi phones and your Phone runs under MIUI12. Then it is good information for you because in the Xiaomi MIUI12 update you got a new feature called video toolbox. This feature gives you an option to play a video in the background while your phone screen is off. And it works on many video streaming platforms in which Youtube is included.

So if you have Xiaomi devices, then using this feature is the best option for you to run your Youtube videos while your phone screen is off.

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