7 best Fashionable Shoes every Indian man can try

Shoes for men

Every styling and dressing is incomplete without shoes. It doesn’t matter how attractive and stylish clothes you wear, but if you don’t have the matching shoes which complement your dress then all your work will be wasted. And it is true because the first thing which a person notices in your dressing i is your shoes. And if they are weird then your first impression can be not that impactful.

But the shoes are not a big problem, instant the main problem is what shoes to buy and what shoes to wear with which dress.

 And we are all stuck in this process. Because there are different types of footwear available today. And we can’t buy all of them to look good.

 So that’s why we are here, comes up with 7 types of shoes which you can try with your dresses. And they will also compliment all of your clothing. You don’t need to buy all 7 of these, instead, choose some of them from the list which you like most and which you think will suit most of your dresses. 



Sneakers are the best casual shoes which you can buy. They are trendy they look stylish and most importantly they look perfect with casual dress. Different types of sneakers are available in the market like High top, Athletic, Slip-on. So the first thing which you have to do is choose which type of sneakers do you need. Is it for gym purpose or is it for Going out purpose. Like going to a party or going to clubs. And if you don’t choose what to buy then in this case go for white sneakers because they look always good with jeans and they are not going out of fashion soon. Note that, always choose good quality of sneakers and sometimes they cost you a little bit but they also worth that price.

2. Loafers Shoes

Loafer Shoes

If you are searching for shoes that fit with the majority of your outfits. Then you should be considered buying loafers these shoes have a different level of classiness. And they are flip on shoes which has no laces on them. So you don’t have to put much effort into putting them, and you can be always ready to go.

So what you have to keep in mind before purchasing a loafer, Only one thing that they are three types first is Penny loafers that are mostly used in formal dressing. Second is Horesebit Loafers in which you see a metal strap in the front of the shoe which gives it a classy look, and they are also for formal use. And the third and last is Tassel loafers they are purely made for casual use and you can try those with any of your casual dressing.

3. Oxford Shoes


The Oxford shoes have a long history and you can say that it is the most classic shoes a man can put on. So how to identify the Oxford shoes what are its marks from which you can identify the shoe. The first thing about Oxford shoe is It has a closed lacing style. The second thing which you notice in Oxford is its low heels, not too low but not high also. And the last one is the ankle of your exposed while wearing the shoes they are ankle-length shoes. So if you are an office guy or wear formal dress most of the time then you can go to Oxford Shoes. And they look good on Black and Brown color.

4. Derby Shoes  


Most of the guys confused between Derby shoes and Oxford shoes because sometimes they look a little bit similar. But they are completely different the oxford has closed laces style while in Derby you see open laces. And you can say that it is less formal shoes compare to Oxford and that’s why you can also use them with some casual dressing. And if you are confusing about what the open lacing shoes and what the closed lacing shoes. Then in simple language the Open lacing shoes, you going to see open at where you lacing start and open at where your lacing end. And the closing lacing system is the whole opposite of that.

5. Boots


Boots is a pair of shoes that every man can try or buy at least once. The look on boots is on a different level and the feel while wearing the boot is also very precious. Boots are good if you travel much or like to travel. They are hard and tuff so you can wear them on any of your adventures trip and it’s cool how they properly fit and comforts you. The history of boots is also very long. So if you buy a pair of boots today then it highlighted all your wardrobe collection of shoes.

6. Moccasin


Moccasin is one of the best casual shoes which is available today. And you can say that they resemble a little bit with loafers, but usually, they are made up of smooth leather which provides comfort to you. There are different type of moccasin available now like plain style moccasin, penny loafer moccasin. And you can wear them on a  sunny day and in summer. Because they perfectly fit without socks and looks attractive too.

7. Chelsea Shoes

Chelsea is a type of boot that comes up without laces so they are quite easy to put on fast. And it can be worn by both men and women. The good thing about Chelsea boot is you can put those on with everyday purpose and sometime in summer too. They look fine with your casual dress like jeans trousers and some time with your suit too. So if you think that you need boots which you wear in both summer and winter then try to buy Chelsea boots. It fits perfectly for you. 

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