Top 15 Productive Apps in 2020 for Android and iOS

Productive apps of 2020

In this modern world where most of the peoples have smartphones, and if you want to run these smart devices you need apps for it. In other words, without apps, you can’t imagine running smartphone devices because it is almost impossible. And we also love how they work and how much productive these apps can be. However, they are all used for different uses in our devices. But they all serve one purpose. That how can our app make our user life easy.

And there are millions of these productive apps which are available to download in both the Play Store and App Store. Some are gaming applications, some are made for educational purposes. And most importantly some are made this way, that they can be used in our daily life. Like an alarm clock, notepad, calenders app they all are one simple application that makes our life easy.

And that’s why for you we created a list of 15 Productive Applications that are going to help you in different ways. So you became productive and some of the apps from the list, also teach you about things which you always want to learn.



At a time we all have different thoughts and ideas in our minds. But it’s hard to remember all of the creative thoughts and work which we have to do later. And to rescue from this situation the Todoist comes to helps us. It is a beautiful app that helps us to keep our important task, things that we have to do stored in it. You can easily create a checklist and add a task in it. Like, in the afternoon I have to go to the market to buy some clothes. And other different things that I am going to do the whole day. It all reminded it for you.

But the most important and very beneficial part of the app is its tracker. That tracker track all your productivity goals. And shows the visualization to you about your task and shows you how often you complete those.

2. Headspace


We all need a few minutes off from stress in our life which is not that easy. So we can give our mind and our body some rest. And its true we all have our work to do, school and colleges to go. And that feels very stressful at the end of the day. Certainly, after all this work if you try to do some meditation to rest the mind it won’t work. Because it is tuff to concentrate.

And that’s where this productive app Headspace comes, it helps you with your sleep, anxieties and tells you how you can do mediate effectively. So you can always be focused and creative most of the time in a day.

3. Spotify


Now you all are thinking that Spotify is a music app so how it helps us to stay productive. But the thing most of the user doesn’t know that Spotify not only provides music but it contains a lot of podcasts too. And podcasts are the best way too get ideas and stay motivated. Spotify contains podcasts on all genres like Music podcasts, educational lifestyle, and health-related Podcasts. And there is a lot of Hindi speaker’s podcast too that helps you differently. So you can create an impact on your life.

4. Google Translate

Google has been creating a lot of apps from the past year. And they always made an app that helps the peoples in many ways. And Google Translator is one of them. It is the best productive app if you want to learn words from any language. And if you find difficulty searching those works in your paper dictionary then next time try Google Translator.

The app has a lot of handy features, and in my opinion, it is the complete app. Not because it supports the translation of 103 languages. Because if you are using other Google apps like google books, or chrome for surfing the internet they get the support of Google to translate so you can translate words without going into the app and search that particular word.

5. Audiobook by Storytel


Books are the best way to gain knowledge. And there is no other thing that helps you more to find information and a wide range of knowledge. However, we also have to admit that not all of us can read the book every day. And sometimes this process becomes boring too. That’s why it is the best way now to hear those books And Storytel exactly this it read the book for you. And listen to the words from the books can give you a different experience of adapting the knowledge too. Because now you have to listen not to read.

The Storytel also allows you to download these ebooks, so you can listen to them later without the internet. Set the speed of the listening. And do many other things like taking notes. And who knows this process can get you the maximum of knowledge through that book which you are listening to.

6. Google Calender


Google calendar looks like a simple calendar but it’s not. It stores all your important dates, your ideas that come to your mind for you. And tell you that now you have to do this task. It’s like a reminder who tells you now its time for your yoga or you have to go outside now. You have to do this work or that work now. And Google Calendar is perfect in this.

The app is also simply designed, so you can set your goals in it that you want to do in everyday life.  Set the reminder for work, note the date for a special event, and much more. In one simple app.

7. Scrivener


Scrivener is an app that is made for writers. Or peoples who love writing stuff. It doesn’t matter if your a rookie or professional in writing, all of them can work easily on this app. And it has all the tools which you need for writing like different styles, a simple text editor, and many other different superb features that give you an overall good experience while using it. And it got a lot of templates and icons too that you can use in your project.

8. Trello


Trello is one of the best applications to organize the work. It allows you to write your tasks, information about your project, and anything that you are doing. So you and your team members can easily access that information and respond to it. Yeah, you heard right you can add your team in a Trello app project so all of you can work together and properly. And it benefits you because now you can see what task you accomplish, what to do next, and what to delay for some time. All of this you can manage with one app with your team.

9. Google Drive


Google drive which is now known by the name of Google One is used to back up the data of your devices. If you use Google-based Android devices then you heard this word because all the GMS services used Google drive to backup there data like Google photos. Some other services also used these backup services like Whatsapp. There are also other cloud storage backup services out there who provide backup. So what’s the special about Google drive. And the simple answer for this is it provides almost 15GB free space to store your data in it. And that is high as compared to other services. And if you think your 15 GB free is not enough for you then you can also upgrade to a 100GB plan that costs you 130INR per month which is not bad for 100GB of cloud storage.

10. Google Docs/Sheet/Slide/Form


These four applications from Google, work different things in the same area. If you have to write your Resume a letter or project you can do this on Google docs and if you are a blogger you can use its blank sheets to write down your ideas and keywords for your blog. The next one is a sheet that helps you create content through the row and column with this you can create your to-do list some budget report for companies and writing down the data on row and column.

Google slide is normally is used for presentation. It helps you to create presentations and you can work this with other peoples too. Google form is one of the best applications that you should use. If you run a Gym or some institute then this will be very helpful for you. With the help of Google form, you create a form, and whenever someone submits that form. All the information comes to your Gmail account.

11. Canva


If you are a content creator or love to create a graphic design for your content then Canva is perfect for you. It helps to build your professional Instagram post, Youtube thumbnail, Facebook post, and different designs with a simple drag and drop concept. That’s not it, creating a logo will be very difficult work but not in Canva it shows you some pre-design logos which you can use with some editing. And video editor option is also available in it.

And if you have a team who works together then they can also work in your project in Canva. You just have to add them to you.

12. Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is a combination of Microsoft world, Excel, and PowerPoint. Now, this one single app comes up with all these three features. And that is good because you don’t have to download these apps one by one for use. Only you have to do is download one app that is almost 85MB in size. And you can do your personal and official work easily.

There are some very interesting feature in Microsoft Office like

  • You and your team work on a project at the same time.
  • You get templates for resume, presentation, and budget and that makes work easy.
  • All the work yo do in Microsoft Office will save on Cloud Storage.
  • Create the PDF from photos documents and World
  • Transfer file from phone to your PC is some simple steps.

13. SoloLearn: Code learning app


Coding is important today, and we all know the importance of coding. It helps to build applications, websites, games. So the trend of coding is not going out anywhere soon. So why not learn it because it is cool and gives a lot of knowledge about how these apps and sites work. And Sololearn is one of the best platforms to learn about them. If you haven’t written a single line of code in your life don’t worry it teaches you from the very beginning so you can become a pro in coding.

The SoloLearn teaches you many languages, if you want to learn basic languages first like HTML and CSS you can do it first. And if you want to start from some backend languages like Python you can also do that. Just go and choose whatever you want to learn first.

14. Notion


The notion is another editor that helps to manage the notes, tasks, and to-do lists. It is a great app that comes with different templates like to-do, Meeting notes templates, quick notes, and Journal. And if you use the app on desktop too, then you can easily sync your data between the phone and your desktop. If you haven’t used any editor app yet. Then in my suggestion use this app once and you are going to love it.

15. Adobe Lightroom


If you ever run a photo editing app then it is guaranteed that you heard the name of Adobe. It makes photo editing and video editing software that is used for professional and personal work. But most of their software is made for PCs so you cant run them on your phone devices. But Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing software that you can run your Mobile device. And it available on both Android and iOS. But if you want to do some great editing work on it. Then you need some tutorials for it because it is a little bit tricky. But don’t worry about them too it has its tutorials for editing inside the app. That helps you to edit your images.

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