The 50+ widely used social media platforms in 2020

social media platforms

The usage of the internet is increasing day by day. And that’s why only in India, almost 50% of the population is using the internet and, it increases every year. And in the world of the internet, Social media is a huge reason for using the internet.

Social media is growing and it’s growing very fast. Now people are connecting and it doesn’t matter that they are living across the globe. It helps connect people and let them share their thoughts.

Anf if we talk about the most used social media app like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram they have billions of users. Who uses their networking sites.

But do you know how many social networking sites are there, All around the world? And the answer is too many, different sites have a different use. But all of them have one major connection and that is to connect persons from all around the world.

And here we are listing 75 Social media apps that are used from all around the world. And maybe you can try some of them.

Top 75+ Social media platforms


facebook logo

Facebook is one of the most used social networking platforms in 2020. The app has almost 1 billion users. And also doing very well. And you can also say that Facebook is the app that made social networking sites famous. On Facebook, you can share your posts with your images and also chat with your friends too. Overall it is a good platform to engage with peoples.

2. Instagram

instagram logo

Instagram is an emerging platform. Which is doing very good among people. And that why in 2012 Facebook acquired Instagram for 1 billion dollars. And today Instagram is the best platform for promotion and social media influencing. Almost 500 million stories per day are posted by the user on Instagram. And that is a huge number. And you can say that in the upcoming year we are going to see Instagram with more users.

3. Whatsapp

whatsapp logo

Whatsapp is also another platform which is acquired by Facebook. But the concept of WhatsApp is different from Facebook and Instagram. In Whatsapp, you add your friends if you have their contact number. So it good app if you are a private person. And also WhatsApp provides video call and audio call features with its texting features.

4. Twitter

twitter logo

Twitter is the best platform if you always wanna be up to date with trending topics. From all around the world and local news. There you can follow peoples and your favorite influencers. And share your thoughts and opinions in it. And Twitter is all about tweets and retweets and it is too fun if you use that.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is all about filters and quick snaps. You can use some fancy or funny filters and take a photo and later share with your friends. There is also chatting and video calling feature in it too. And in video calling, you can add up to 16 persons. And add a filter in live video calling if you like too.

6. LinkedIn

linkedin logo

LinkedIn is a highly used social media platform, which is used for job searching and professional networking. In LinkedIn, you can find or apply for a job with your qualification. And then you will be get recommended for a job where you will be fit. You will also get updated news for very profession or business. So you can be always up to date with trends.

7. Skype

Skype is widely used for sending instant messages. Voice and video call all of these free of cost. And it also comes up with this interesting feature called SMS connect in which you can read and reply to your phone text messages in your Skype app.

8. Telegram

telegram logo

Telegram is a Russian based app. In which we can send messages, videos, voice services. And the special feature of the app is that you can send files or videos without having any size and type issue. And all these messages are end to end encrypted so it is also very secure.

9. Youtube

youtube logo

Youtube is a very famous platform to interact with peoples. And it also comes from a very famous company Google. It is an online video sharing network. Where peoples share their video or there created content so everyone around the world could watch and enjoy that. And in the video-sharing platform, Youtube is in the top spot.

10. TikTok

tiktok logo

Tiktok is a Chinese based video sharing platform, which is owned by a ByteDance company. The TikTok is famous for its short video contents. Which is less than 1 minute. And that’s why the content of that platform is engaging and famous also.

11. Hike

The hike is an app that is popularly known for its sticker chats. It is an India based social networking platform. The app focuses on its high variety of stickers or emojis and you could also create your hikemoji by taking the selfie of yours. And in every chat, you can select the hundreds of themes in the background, which makes texting more stylish.

12. Sharechat

Sharechat is a free video downloading platform. Where you can easily download the WhatsApp status video, funny videos for your different social media platforms. You can also join the chatrooms in share chat and talk with strangers. And if you want to create a video for your WhatsApp status or Facebook status you can also do it by using app video filters and lots of emojis.

13. WeChat

wechat logo

Wechat is China’s most famous messaging app platform. Where you send or receive messages and also make mobile payments. The app has almost 1 billion users. Wechat also comes up to provide audio massaging and video massaging features. And you can say that it almost like the WhatsApp of China.

14. Line

The line is another free voice and video calling app. And it also allows you to do international calls with almost 200 people at the same time free of cost. And if you are not a talking person then the app also has the chatting feature where you can send your messages, photos, videos, and your location too. To another person.

15. Tumblr

tumblr logo

Tumblr is a social networking site where you can connect with peoples. And share your posts and blogs to other persons. You can also create videos, photos, and gifs on that site and share it with persons who have the same interest in that topic. It is a good platform for micro-blogging.

16. Pinterest

pintrest logo

Pinterest is an image-sharing social networking site. Where you can share images, small videos, and an animated gif. Millions of users in Pinterest share their ideas in form of images on different topics, So it is also a good platform to take ideas if you are doing something creative.

20. Reddit

Reddit is like a news and web content website. Where you can join your same interest community and share the fun stories, social news and talk about the sports. And if you are not into posting then read what other peoples are saying and posting about other things.

21. Quora

quora logo

Quora is used for questions and answers for the people’s quarries. It is a great platform to interact with peoples and ask the question about any topic. And if someone knew the answer to that question then he replies to the idea or solution in your post comment section.

22. QQ

QQ is a messaging software that is created by a Chinese tech giant Tencent. And the app also provides the services of playing online games, music, and shopping too. It also comes up with its special premium membership in which the user can download the mobile ringtones and use many different other perks.

23. YY

YY is another Chinese based social media platform, where users create videos such as tutorials of something informative or some fun activities video and get some virtual currency for them. Which you can later convert into real currency.

24. Viber

viber logo

Viber is a free voice and video calling app, which also has a secure messaging feature too. For making calls in Viber the only thing you need is an internet connection. And then you are ready for a crystal clear talk.

25. Qzone

Qzone is another Tencent company social media app. In which you can write blogs, send photos, and watch videos. The app also has some purchasing items, which are used in-app.

26. Roposo

roposo logo

Roposo is a short video content platform. In which peoples share short time videos. And the plus point about the app is that it is available in many different Indian languages. It also allows the users to download the videos from this app for their WhatsApp status and other platforms.

27. Snapfish

Snapfish is a photo-sharing and photo printing platform. Where you can create photos and they share them with your friends and closed once. The app also gives you free photo storage so you can edit and store many of your photos in it.

28. Twitch

twitch logo

Twitch is a live streaming service. In which you can watch the live stream videos of different players. And Esports games in your android device. Twitch is also good for a person who wants to do its live stream in any game. And it gives you a feature of streaming plus chat, so you can always connect with your audiences.

29. Flickr

flickr logo

Flickr is a platform for photographers. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a professional. It allows you to upload your clicked photos and edit them, and then show to the users who used Flickr. The app has billions of photos that are captured by talented photographers. So you can also see those photos and learn about them.

30. Meetup

meetup logo

Meetup is used to organize the peoples who have the same interest that you has. And then helps to connect with them. So you can discuss your plan and interest with them.

31. Google Meet

Google meet is a video calling app, Which is used to do mostly group video calls to other peoples. And the impressive thing about the app is that it supports 250 users at a time.

32. Discord

Discord is a messaging community platform. Where you can create your server and then add your friends so you can share videos, photos, and messages. Most of the gamers are used discord so they can give there audiences information about the events and some important dates when they are releasing there content.

33. Google Hangout

Google hangout is a free video and voice-call app by google. In which you can create groups by adding 150 peoples and then chat together. And it came up with all the features like sending photos, videos, emojis, gifs, and location too.

34. Kik

kik logo

Kik is a messaging app in which you don’t need any number to login. All you need is a unique username and then start a chat with your friends. One on one or in a group.

35. Facebook Messanger

Facebook messenger is also a part of Facebook. But here you can send the messages to your Facebook friends and talk with them. And the Facebook messenger is also come up with all features like video calling, phone calls, gifs, and emojis. And you can also add your phone text messages in it. So all your messages are in the same area and you can reply to them easily.

36. Vero

Vero is another social media platform. Which promotes there platform by saying that they do not show adds to there users. The app also has some exciting features like, you can also select who do you want to show a particular post on your friend list. And social media with no ads at all. And it also has all the basic social media features too like sharing photos, videos, music, and movies too.

37. Badoo

badoo logo

Badoo is an online dating app. Which searches the people nearby you who are using the app. And then you can decide whether you want to talk to that person or skip to next. The app has almost 460 million users which are a huge number for an app.

38. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is used for managing social media platforms. In which users can schedule post timing for different platforms and track the likes, comments, and different activities that are happening around your post.

39. Elyments

Elyments is an Indian social media app. Which come up with feature likes news feeds, networking with peoples, and a discovery option where you can follow your favorite celebrities. And you can also use different filters while clicking and uploading the photo in it.

40. Livejournal

livejournal logo

Livejournal is an app where you can create your blogs and get hundreds of stories. It is like a personal diary where you can show peoples your post or see movie reviews, book reviews, and other different informational knowledge.

41. Flikster

Flikster is a site for movies and fashion lover. It gives you information about the latest movies and fashion trends. So you can always be up to date with the Bollywood or other movie industry news. And you can also search for your favorite celebrity news.

42. Vine

vine logo

Vine is a short video sharing platform. Which allows you to create short videos and then share with your friends. You can create a video of 6 to 7 seconds long. And it can be quite fun to create content in that short time.

43. Meetme

meetme logo

Meetme is a chatting platform. Where you can chat with the people of the same interest. And the app also has video calling and streaming features too.

44. We Heart it

We heard it is a social media site where you can explore millions of posts about what you like. And see the trending topics about movies, photography, fashion, and many other categories.

45. Davian Art

DavianArt is an online network of people who featured their artworks to the peoples. In allows users to take a photo of their work and share it with other persons.

46. Medium

medium logo

Medium is an app for both who like reading and who likes writing. If you like to read about your interest you can use this app. And if you are into writing then you can publish your content in Medium too for free.

47. Foursquare

Foursquare is a guiding app. And if you are going to some destination. It gives you tips about that place which are given by people around the world, and with some other useful information.


IAMON is an Indian social media app, Which comes up with many interesting features. Like you can create different pages and groups on the app, upload a resume for a job search. And you can also sell your old products in it too.

49. ReverbNation

reverbnation logo

It is a social networking website. Which is used by independent musicians and peoples who are related to the music industry to communicate with each other and to collaborate.

50. Nimo TV

Nimo Tv is a streaming platform. Where gamers come and play games. And then broadcast their games to there audiences. It also allows them to interact with there fans and peoples who see them and engage with them.

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