WhatsApp Update Privacy Policy – And an alternative to use

Whatsapp new privacy policy

Whatsapp has been the first choice for billions of users across the globe as there primary messaging platform. And in a country like India where the use of Whatsapp is on a different level. And millions of users use it daily and open it many times a day. It not wrong to say that it is one of the most famous and first choices of many Indians. And why not it’s a good platform to communicate with your friends and colleges. It also provides an end to end encryption for your messages. And as additional benefits, you also got free calls and video calls options too.

But now there is one big twist, and the twist is the WhatsApp new privacy policy 2021. That brings out a doubt in peoples minds about WhatsApp security and asking is WhatsApp that secure now which it used to be. And for many of you who doesn’t know what I am talking about. Then for those of you its essential to know that the Whatsapp update the privacy policy and the terms or conditions again but this time its a big one.

The Whatsapp is always shown by its parent company Facebook that it is the most secure messaging platform. And they do not share any user data with anyone. But now it seems that Facebook changes its mind.

So in the revised privacy policy of the WhatsApp. Now the company has access to share more of your data with there other companies like Facebook and Instagram.  Now the Facebook and Instagram can also access your Phone no and transaction details from Whatsapp. And the big blow is that if you don’t accept these terms and conditions till 8 February then you are not being able to aces the WhatsApp anymore.

So there is the only way it seems it’s going. Either you accept those terms or you have to leave the Whatsapp. And if you want to know more about their new policy you can check it in their privacy policy and terms and conditions page.

So now the question that is emerging to most of your mind. Is there any other platform that you can use. And seen as the alternative of WhatsApp. And seriously there are some other messaging platforms that you can use as an alternative of WhatsApp.

Best Alternatives of Whatsapp to use-

There are many platforms out there that you can use. But here I am going to tell you one of the most secure messaging apps that are available out there. And you can also use apps like Telegram, hike, Kik etc. And the one that is quite secure in terms of privacy Signal.


Signal App

If you are searching for a secure messaging app. Then the signal can be the best app for you. Because it uses end to end encryption for protecting your data. Not only your data but it also protect your metadata. And this feature is very important. Because metadata is seen as a key feature in terms of privacy.

And the other good thing about the Signal. Is that it gives you a voice and video calling feature too. That is also very secure and you can also set Signal as your default messaging app so you can manage all your messages from one app.

So to sum up in few words signal is one of the great security and privacy based app that you can use. But it also lags some features too. But if you prefer privacy over some basic feature then you can use Signal.


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