KGF Chapter 2 teaser released – Sanjay Dutt vs Yash


Many of the fans are eagerly waiting for the KGF chapters 2 from a long time. And wanted to see the Yash one more time in the role of Rocky. The role was iconic and the appearance of the Yash is what makes it more special in KGF. That’s why the impression of the first part was not forgotten and everyone just wanted one thing after watching the KGF chapter 1 the KGF Chapter 2.

Therefore it was clear from the first part. That the film was going to return for its second chapter. But at that time no one knows when it was going to happen. The only thing that all are sure about is that we all are going to see Yash one more time. In that one of the best characters, we ever seen in action films.

And now the time is here the first teaser of the KGF chapter 2 is released in youtube. And this time it is going to be more action and a one more big rivalry Yash vs Sanjay Dutt. Yess the Sanjay Dutt in his iconic look is get teased in the first teaser. Which all are waiting for a long time.

The teaser is released on a special occasion of Yash birthday. And I think they are also waiting for a long time to release it. But what’s more special than the KGF trailer on Yash birthday. And when the movie is going to be released its seems that is going to break many box-office records too.

At this time the teaser has crossed almost 23 Millions hits on youtube in almost 15 hours. And this shows how eagerly the fans are waiting for the film. Hence there is not an official date or hint on the teaser about its release. But the one thing is sure the film is going to be released soon this year.


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