OnePlus Drops a Community Post about its (OxygenOS-11) update

Oneplus OxygenOS-11

Oneplus made a huge name in the Indian market and the International market. By selling some of the most premium smartphone devices. From the past few years, the company launches some of the devices that are highly popular among youngster and other different age groups. And it’s not wrong to say that In India peoples are seeing Oneplus as Premium brands who launch their devices with a not heavy price tag.

In 2020 Oneplus launches there brand new flagship device Oneplus 8T. That comes with a preinstalled OxygenOS 11 and after a few months, Oneplus 8 also get that update. And so far the Oneplus 8 series is the only one who got the OxygenOS 11 update till now. That’s why many other Oneplus devices users are also expecting to get the new update as soon as possible.

Oneplus has many flagship devices in the market like Oneplus 7/7T, Oneplus 6/6T and there new 2 devices Oneplus Nord and Oneplus 10 5G/100. But all these devices are running on OxygenOS 10 that is based on an Android 10.

But now there is some news coming regarding OxygenOS 11. For devices like Oneplus 7/7T, Nord. And other Oneplus devices. The company posted a notice about the new update in their community post. So let’s see what the post actually say about Oneplus devices and the OxygenOS 11 update.

Oneplus Oxygen OS 11 update-

The first news is for the Oneplus Nord users. The company says that the Nords devices user will get the open beta build till the next week. The exact date is not given in the post so the date of beta update is not confirmed. But if you are a Nord user, then you will be able to download the Open beta for Oxygen OS 11 from next week. And can give any feedback back related to any bug, so in future, you can get a stable update of OxygenOS 11.

Now its time for the Oneplus 7 series. So the good news is that the all of the Oneplus 7 series users are also going to get the open beta update. After the company push the update for Oneplus Nord. So Nord is going to be the first device that’s going to get an update first and after its pushes to Oneplus 7 Series.

And at last its time for the Oneplus 6 series users. Oneplus 6 series is a little old device as compared to other trending devices of Oneplus. But even so, the Company didn’t abandon it. And says that the company is working very hard to make it possible for Oneplus 6 series to get a new big update. So for the users who are using Oneplus 6/6T and Oneplus 10 5, G/100 stay tuned because for these 2 devices one plus post more details later.

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