Top 5 battle royale games for android devices

If you love to play games then you also heard of the battle royale games. Because from the last few years battle royale genre is the most played game type in the world. Majority of the audiences love to play battle royale games because of its realistic graphics, multiplayer modes and you can play with dozens of players at the same time and same match which made it different. And from the release of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite games the battle royale gaming industry is on the peek. The battle royale game is the combination of survival, exploration and most important the last man standing. You can play battle royale between many other solo players as well as in squads. And the most important feature of battle royale is which make it different from other games type is you can’t allow respawning after you die.

And here we are talking about top 5 battle royale games which you should try if you are getting bored.

1. PUBG: Mobile

In this list, you can say that PUBG: Mobile is the most loved game.  within its release PUBG: Mobile attracts the audience and today it has 100M+ downloads on play store. In Asia PUBG: Mobile is the biggest battle royale game and it’s becoming better and better with time. With its many different maps and both FPS and TPS modes, we can say that PUBG: Mobile is the best battle royale game available today.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the starting game which made battle royale genre popular. With its stylish graphics and variety of characters, it is quite popular between audiences. This game is originally made for PC gamers but later the developers made this game for mobile users to. This game is quite a heavy in size and you also need a good device to play this game you can download this game from its official website. So if you have a good device and you love multi-characters battle royale game you can check this game.

3. Call of duty: mobile

In this list Call of Duty: mobile is the latest battle royal games and within its release, it is seen as the completion of PUBG: Mobile. Call of Duty is also a PC game which is made for mobile devices with some different features. call of duty also had both FPS and TPS mode which is important for mobile gaming. The thing which makes the call of duty differs from PUBG: Mobile is its TDM mode which is quite different and slightly good as compare to PUBG: Mobile. So if you want to take a break from PUBG: Mobile you can try Call of Duty which is available on google play store.

4. Garena free fire

Garena free fire is another battle royale game which is very popular among audiences. Because of its popularity, it became the most downloaded mobile game in 2019. which is quite an achievement for any mobile game. In Garena free fire you can play classic matches with your friends or solo like PUBG: Mobile or Call of Duty. But the thing which makes it popular among the audiences is its lite in weight and it also not require too much of specification to run on your mobile. So if your device has less ram and the low-end processor you can try Gareena free fire it won’t disappoint you and you love this game.

5. Knives out

Knives out is a typical battle royal game with the almost similar feature as PUBG: Mobile. But the only difference in this game is that you can play 5 players in a team which is quite new. The experience for this game is mixed. The graphics are decent and the gameplay is also not soo good and not soo bad. So if you get bored by playing one game and love to try different types of games you can try Knives out

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