Tips which improve your K/D in pubg mobile

I know that most of you guys play PUBG mobile and in-game, you defiantly head about k/d ratio by your friends or some big gaming YouTubers. And then you think that what is k/d ratio. Then you have to know that k/d ratio is defined as the kill per death ratio. Which mean in-game how many kills you did and how many time you die from your enemy. So basically it is the ratio of your kills and death in the game. In other words, k/d ratio defines how you play in a game. So many big clans set some required k/d ratio to enter in their clan so they see how you play. If your k/d ratio is not high it doesn’t mean that your gaming skills are not good. But in PUBG mobile, k/d is also important it is statics which shows your performance in-game. So if you want high k/d you have to know some tips which help you to boost your k/d up and improve your statics.

1. Try to win most of the games you played

PUBG: mobile is a survival game so you have to survive till the last end. Which is also important for your k/d ratio. If in a game you kill 4 enemies and die after that your k/d ratio point will not improve too much. But in another game, if you kill 4 enemies and win that match your k/d points will improve much more as compared to the first game. So you have to make sure that you win most of the matches you play to increase your k/d ratio.

2. Play with your squad

If you play most of the matches in the squad. Then having a team who always watches your back is very important in PUBG: mobile or in any other battle royale games. If you have your squad then it is easy to win matches as compared to playing with random teammates. If you play with your squad your understanding is better which helps you to take decision better which is important if you want to win any matches. So you have to assure that whenever you played matches to play with your squad. And if you don’t have a squad find someone who will play with you and be a part of your team.

3. Try to pick up hot drops

If you are thinking about what is hot drops. Then you have to know that hot drops are the places where the majority of the players do parachute jumps. In PUBG: mobile, every map has its own hot drops points so you have to find some places where you can kill more enemies. Taking hot drops to help you in two ways it can increase your k/d and it will also improve your skills which is very important if you want to become a good gamer

4. Improve your skills

To improve your skills and combat fight you can train your self in the training arena. It is very useful if you want to improve your skill. At starting you feel it boring but in some days you see the difference in your gameplay. Because skills are very important in PUBG: mobile. You can also play TDM mode it helps your close combat fight which is important if you want to win the majority of the one on one situation on PUBG: mobile.

5. Choose your weapon wisely

Choosing weapons is very important to win any match. If you want more kills and to win the match. You have to find a weapon which you can use perfectly. Many players are good at LMGs and many are perfect on other weapons. So you have to find the weapon which you use good and then master that weapon. It will help you to kill the enemy easily in-game.

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