Best open-world games to play on android devices

Mobile games became one of the most famous app categories in the past few years. And it became popular day by day. Nowadays everyone loves to play games on their smart devices. And the audiences are shifting from PC games to mobile games which makes mobile games more popular. And one of the most played genres in gaming is open-world games. In open-world games, a player can move openly and decides on how to explore and approach objectives. With the release of GTA III, the open-world games become more popular amongst gamers. And today we are here talking about some of the most famous open-world games which are made for android devices. So you can play them and enjoy them.

And here are the top 5 open-world games which u can play on your android devices

1. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most famous video game with more than 50M+ download which was developed by Mojang. It is an open-world video game in which a player can build its world. Minecraft is a very creative game in which you do the crafts, build buildings, dig and mining. You can check Minecraft if you love the creative game and not into on extreme graphics.

2.Gangster vegas: world of crime

Gangster Vegas is adventure open-world game with high graphics. It is made by Gameloft which is one of the biggest publishers in the gaming industry. In this game, you can experience the world of gang wars, automobile racing and a lot of action with a lot of adventures. So if u love to have some action and love to play FPS games then this game is made for you.

3. Max Payne: mobile

Max Payne is an award-winning title game which is released in PlayStations and Xbox and later made for the android and ios devices. It is a story mode game which is held in an open world place. Max Payne is the story of the undercover cop officer who is defamed for the murder. And if you want to know more story you have to play the game. And if u love twist shifting plots this game is made for you. And this game also comes with its trademark features like slow-motion gunplay and HD resolution and textures.

4. Life after

Life after is a zombie survival game which is developed by NetEase. It is a multiplayer game in which you have to survive alone or you can also team up with your friends. To survive you have to build shelter find food and also protect yourself from zombies by making traps and fighting with them. It is one of the best zombie genre game which is available on smart devices. Realistic graphics and good game designing make it more attractive and interesting. So if you are good on zombie survival game you can try it.

5. GTA vice city mobile

GTA vice city is an action-adventure open world game which is developed by rockstar games. It is part of the famous gaming franchise. For celebrating its 10th-anniversary Rockstar Games bring GTA vice city of mobile devices. This game is very popular among audiences for its big map and lots of missions. GTA vice city comes with new features to mobile devices like high-resolution graphics and new customs control with customizable layouts. So if you are a fan of GTA games you can try this game.

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