The Matrix 4 (Resurrections) release date in India

The Matrix 4 release date

After almost 2 decades finally, the new part of Matrix will be releasing soon in theatres. The Matrix is a sci-fi franchise and with its new film, the franchise is expanding again. The first film of the Matrix franchise was released in 1999 and in 2003 the third part of the film was released. And from there, it took years to finally release the new part of the Matrix Franchise.

The Matrix is always known for its mind-bending storyline and its characters. And I think that will continue with its new part too. Because once again for The Matrix Resurrection the film will continue with Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss in their role of Neo and trinity.

The first trailer of the film is also released and shows some new faces too. So let’s talk about the trailer first

The Matrix Resurrections first teaser trailer –

On 9th Spemtem Warner Bros released the first trailer of the Matrix 4 on their Youtube channel. And it is for sure, that it’s not the last trailer we got for the fourth part of the Matrix. The first trailer is almost 3 minutes long. And shows the first glimpse of the Trinity and Neo in it. With some new and old faces.

The Matrix Resurrections release date in India –

First, the movie was set to release in early 2021. But due to the pandemic the release date of the film shift toward the end of 2021. But the good thing is that we now got the actual release date of the film. Recently Warner Bros has announced that the Matrix Resurrections will be hitting theatres on December 22, 2021. And on the same day, it will also be available on HBO Max in the US.

And if we talk about the release date in India then most probably the movie will be releasing on the same day December 22, 2021, in India too

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