Marvel What If all episodes rank: from Best to Average

What IF...Episode ranked

Marvel has recently released their new series “What If” on the Disney+ platform. The series is 10 episodes long.

And every week a new episode drops on the Disney+ platform.

The show focuses on the alternative timeline events of MCU.

And so far it is not wrong to say that. The series is doing very good and the MCU fans are enjoying it.

Currently, 6 episodes have been released of the series, and 4 are yet to come in the upcoming weeks.

And the good thing about the series is that each episode has different stories. And come with diffrent MCU heroes.

So if you want to choose an episode from the middle. And decided to watch it, then I think you can also do that.

So let’s start to rank out all the released episodes of the Marvel “What If” So you can know which episode is better than others.

Marvel What IF Episoedes ranked from best to averge –

Till now six episodes are released from the series. And this ranking will rank those six episodes for you.

And in future when more episodes are released. The ranking will also be going to change according to them.

But now let’s start with the current six episodes.

1. What If… Doctor Strange Lost His heart Instead Of His Hand? –

Image Credit -Marvel

Episode Number – 4

Release Date – 1 September 2021

From all the six episodes that have been released. This one has the best storyline. This particular episode is based on the alternative Doctor Strange who behave quite different from the one that we see in our timeline.

And the reason for that is the car crash accident of Steven Strange in the starting.

But in this timeline, Doctor Strange does not lose his hand instead he loses his heart. And I know, it is difficult for you to understand what I am saying.

But when you watch this episode then you’ll know what I am saying.

And let me tell you again this is the best episode of all the six that has been released in the What If series. And the dubbing of each character is also done by the original Doctor Strange cast

2. What If… T’Challa Became a Star Lord? –

Image Credit -Marvel

Episode Number – 2

Release date – 18 August 2021

This is the second episode released in the What if series. And trust me this episode is full of surprise.

The episode particularly focused on What If Peter Quill was not the one who has taken by the Yondu.

And it was young T’challa who have been abducted by the Ravagers.

And this story revolves around it. But the interesting thing about this particular episode is that the whole plot is very different from the original Peter Quill story.

And the big change is that Thanos is now working with T’Challa AKA Starlord.

And with the help of each other, they fight the new villain of this timeline

3. What If… Thor Were an Only Child?

Image Credit: Marvel

Episode Number – 7

Release date – 22 September 2021

If you are a fan of comedy then this episode will entertain you. In the whole episode not in a single scene, you feel bored. And I have to say that for me this is one of the best things that I have watched lately.

Even when the fight happened between Thor and Captain Marvel. In the episode you just enjoy it. Because of the dialogues, they deliver in the middle of it.

And seriously while watching this episode you cant control your laugh and that thing is for sure.

And that is not only from Thor. But all the characters that are in this episode have funny dialogues that will entertain you.

So if you haven’t watched this episode yet then this is a very highly recommended episode for you.

4. What If.. Zombies? –

Image Credit -Marvel

Episode Number – 5

Release date – 8 September 2021

The story of this episode has started just like Avenger Infinity War. Bruce Banner teleport to the earth to warn the Avengers about Thanos.

But this timeline changes from here. Because when Bruce came to earth to warn the avengers he is attacked by the zombies.

And those zombies are non-other than Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Wong.

But he also got rescued by Spiderman and later known that there are some other hero survivors too.

And also know that our mightiest heroes become zombies too.

And to know how they because zombies in the first place, and how some of them survive it, you have to watch the episode

Because I am not going to give you a huge spoiler that might ruin your watching experience

5. What If… Killmonger rescued Tony Stark? –

Image Credit -Marvel

Episode Number – 6

Release date – 15 September 2021

This episode starts with the story of Tony Stark. You all remember what happened in Iron Man 1.

But in this timeline, Tony wasn’t captured by Ten Rings, he was rescued by Killmonger.

And if you have watched the Black Panther then you will know that Killmonger was in Army.

And now the main story has started. After rescuing tony, Killmonger became the new COO of the Stark Industry.

And share the idea of making a humanoid drone with Tony.

That gets power by his Vibranium ring.

But after some time, he revealed his plan. About why he save tony, and why did he want to make the humanoid drones.

So to know what happens after that, then you have to watch the episode. Because all I want to give you is, what you can expect from that particular episode.

6. What If… World Lost its mightiest Heroes? –

Image Credit -Marvel

Episode Number – 3

Release date – 25 August 2021

Now, this is a type of episode that is fun to watch and comes up with a little suspense.

The story of this episode is started with the recruitment of the members of Avengers.

But one by one all of the Avengers that we know died suspiciously. That started with Tony Stark and at last Natasha Romanoff.

But in the end, Nick Fury uncover the mystery and defeated the killer of Avengers with the help of Loki.

But it was quite shocking at last when you find out who did that. So to know who was behind that go and watch the episode.

7. What If… Cpatain Carter were the first Avenger? –

Image Credit -Marvel

Episode Number – 1

Release date – 11 August 2021

This was the first episode of the series. And by the name of the episode you have guessed what it is about.

The majority of part of this episode is similar to the Captain America The First Avenger movie. But the change that we see in this alternative timeline is.

Peggy Carter was the one who take the super-soldier serum after one hydra spy attack the Steve Roger and Steve got wounded.

And the second thing that is different in this episode is that Haward Stark made an armour suit for Steve Roger to fight with hydra. After Peggy Carter became the super-soldier.

What do you think?

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