Is Kota Factory Season 2 will be available on Youtube

Kota-factory season 2 on youtube
Image Credit : Netflix

A few years ago, a show name “Kota Factory” was released on Youtube. And after it’s released, it makes everyone just stunned.

The show was just 5 episodes long but it make an impact on the audience.

And because of it, the show became instantly a super hit.

Now if you check the IMDB rating of the show on the internet. Then you will found that it is the highest-rated India tv show on IMDb.

And after the release of the first season, everyone was just eagerly waiting for the season to be released.

And like you all know a few weeks ago Netflix has announced. That the second season of the Kota Factory will be releasing on their platforms.

Because the first season of the show was released on Youtube and everyone can watch it for free.

But now it is releasing on Netflix. So let’s see some of the questions that are on your mind.

Is Kota Factory Season 2 Will also be available on Youtube

Most of the TVF shows are directly release on their Youtube channel. But not this time, Netflix has acquired the streaming right of the show.

And that means that season 2 of Kota factory will only be available on Netflix. So if you are a person who is eagerly waiting for the second season. Then Buy Netflix, because to watch the show you need it.

And this also means that season 2, will also not available on the youtube platform. Because now it is a Netflix exclusive.

Where to watch Kota Factory Season 1 Netflix or Youtube?

If you have not watched season 1 of Kota factory. And want to watch it, but don’t know where.

Then the good thing is that the first season is available on both Netflix and Youtube.

So if you have a Netflix subscription, then you will be able to see both of the seasons on Netflix. But if you don’t have a Netflix subscription and only uses Youtube.

Then there will be the first season on Youtube that you can watch.

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