How to Disable/Turn off comments on Instagram posts

Disable comments on Instagram

Instagram has become a big name in 2021, it’s now like a new social media king of the jungle. And millions of users use it daily.

That’s not it, day by day its popularity has just increased with its active user’s number. And now it’s like, we are posting content on it daily. In which I am also a participant.

But I get it, that not everyone wants any type of interaction on their Instagram posts.

Because sometimes you just post something on social media for just yourself. Not for seeking any opinions and comments.

And that’s when the disabling comments options kick in. And that is what we are going to see, like how it works on Instagram. So let’s start and see how it’s done.

How to disable comment section of a post on Instagram

Disabling the comment section on a post is very simple on every social media platform. But here let’s see how it is done on Instagram.

  1. Open Instagam App on your device.
  2. Go to post that you choose to trun of the commets.
  3. And click on the three dot option above the post.
  4. Choose the turn of commenting. And thats it, its just that simple.

How to disable the comment section of Instagram before posting a post

Now, this method will help when you already decided that you don’t want any comments on your post.

  1. Open instagam and choose the media that you want to upload.
  2. Now when you reach the write a caption page select the advanced option their.
  3. Then select the turn of commenting. And now just upload the post.

How to turn off Likes and view count from your Instagram post

After knowing how to turn off comments on your post. What if someday you also want to turn off your likes and view count. So anyone cannot see how many likes you got on your post.

But don’t worry we got you. And tells you if you want to turn off likes and view count then how it’s done.

  1. Open Instagram and choose the media for upload.
  2. And in caption section select the advanced option that is avaible on the last.
  3. And their turn on the hide likes and view counts for the post.

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