How to transfer Free Fire id into Free Fire Max

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Finally, after months of pre-registration, the new Free Fire max has been released on Android. And all of you who are waiting for it now can download the game from the play store.

One thing that I also want to tell all of you is that within its release the game hit more than 1Cr download on the play store.

And seriously I am not surprised by it. Because we all know how popular the free fire is. So it is obvious that their new game will also be going to do great.

Now, this is all about its release and download, let’s come to the main topic. And that is how to transfer the Free Fire account to Free Fire max.

And to know how to do it just look below.

Transfer Free Fire id into Free Fire Max –

If you are thinking can we play the Free Fire id in the new Free fire Max too? Then the answer is yes you can without any problem.

And one thing that I am want to clear is that both of the games are the same. So you can put your id on both the game and play both. But not at the same time.

So let’s see how you can log in your free fire id into Free Fire Max.

  1. Open the Free Fire max and give it all the permision that it required.
  2. Now you will be in the login page of the game, where you can login the game through facebook, twitter or google.
  3. Choose the id from which you can played Free Fire. Eg- if your free fire id is connected with facebook then in Free Fire Max you also have to connect it with same facebook id.
  4. And after login with the same id, all your data will aslo be avaible on the new Free Fire Max.

What is Freelink Technology –

Image Credit: Free Fire

Free link technology is developed by Free Fire. That helps you to log in to your existing Free fire account to play Free Fire Max without any trouble.

Your game progress and items will be kept across both the free fire application in real-time.

So you can play the game on both the application, but not in the same time.

Difference Between Free Fire and Free Fire Max –

Image Credit: Free Fire
  1. Better Graphics quality – Grahics is the big diffrence between both of the game. The new free fire game come up with better HD graphics and smooth gameplay. That will increase the gaming expreice of the player while playing the game.
  2. Impreved Sound Quality – In the new game the sound quality of the cars and guns will also be more realastic. And once you play the game you will notic is very quickly.
  3. Big in game size – The new Free Fire max is also big in size as comapre to Free Fire. Becasuse of its better grapics. But the good thing is that its not that big like we are expecting it to be in size.

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