How to download Money Heist animated stickers on WhatsApp

download whatsapp animated stickers

Today world is full of social media platforms, there are different types of these social media platforms out there to choose from. But one that is quite popular in India among users is WhatsApp. If you ask anyone in India, about what social media platform they use then the most common answer that you get is WhatsApp. It’s like we are now not seeing WhatsApp as some kind of social media but more like a part of our life.

The application got all the features that a normal user in today’s date need. From sending messages to calls and video calls. You got all the features in one platform.  But the one thing that goes more in Whatsapp favour is its huge user base.

And to keep those users on the platform the company always try to bring new features to it. So the user can stick to their platform. And now recently after the release of, Money Heist Season 5. Whatsapp added new sticker packs called sticker heist on their sticker store for the users. And we all know how much we like gifs and stickers while chatting.

So let’s see how you can use and download these Money heist stickers in WhatsApp messenger.

Download Money Heist animated Stickers on your Whatsapp

  • Open your whatsapp application.
  • Then go to your chat window.
  • Click the sticker icon.

  • And then go to sticker store.

  • In there you will see the Money heist stickers, download them and use them.

If you having a problem while finding the sticker store on WhatsApp. Then check the sticker icon in WhatsApp, and there you will easily find the plus icon from where you can download the stickers for your WhatsApp messenger.

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