Pubg Mobile Season 15: New era starting

Pubg Mobile Season 15

Pubg Mobile beginning of a new era- Its been almost three years of the release of pubg mobile in Android and iOS. And the game became a huge success for the company. And almost every ones like Pubg now it seems. We all know that this game is good and very addictive some time. But the thing you don’t know is whats makes this game more popular and interesting from other available games. 

And the answer is its regular updates. Which makes the game more optimized and realistic. And if we go back and see all the major updates in PUBG. Almost every update brings some more exciting features like new weapons, new outfits, or some new characters.

So now we know that how important are updates. And regarding the update, Pubg mobile announced its new era in the game. So let’s talk about what is this new era means and when we are going to see this new era in our game.

What’s the PUBG new era means?

So there is a very simple answer to this question. The new era in pubg means its new big update. And we can aspect that it is the biggest update we are gonna see in PUBG mobile till date. In a new update, Pubg is gonna change almost everything in a game. So it will be a new experience for us to play the game.

And now if just you want to know that whats these changes are that we are going to see in PUBG mobile after this update. So the first thing which we gonna see is the new version is Erangel 2.0 and changing version from 0.18 to 1.0.

Changes in version 1.0 update

Pubg Mobile Season 15: New era starting

For a new version of PUBG. Now there is three major category change which we will be going to see. And every category has a different improvement. And the changes are.

Introducing new tech-

New UX (User Experience)-

New Era-

So all the changes we are going to see in some days. Are going to be in these three categories. So let’s just explore more about them deeply.

New technology in Pubg Mobile-

Three major technology changes are going to be in PUBG mobile. And all these changes make the game more realistic.

  • Character Improvement- The first difference you see is in the lobby. Like changes in lighting and the environment in the background for a more realistic atmosphere. And your character’s appearances are also going to improve.
  • Upgrading In-Game graphics-  The graphics of major elements are also going to change in-game now like. Particles, Smokes, Air blasts, Flashes, and interaction of scopes. Parachute landing is changed in previous upgrades but now it going to be more realistic.
  • Upgraded Enviourment- Upgrading environment means in here is changing the lighting system in the gameplay. By adding more realistic effects in vegetation, water and sky and you will also see the reflection of the sky in water more clearly

New UX(User Experience)-

The New UX in Pubg is helping to more improvement in interactions, Visuals motions, and improved sound effects. So we can play the game more comfortably and it will become enjoyable for us. And the biggest change in New UX is the New Interactive lobby.

  • Interactive Lobby- If you think that the looby which we seeing now in pubg is good. Then you have to be seen the new looby of PUBG because it is far better than the old lobby. Now we see three different sections in Pubg lobby. That is a Game lobby, Social lobby, and Store Lobby. And if you want you can also customize them according to you.

The New Era-

Pubg Mobile Season 15: New era starting

In the New Era Pubg didn’t reveal too many details. But with some of there Instagrams post, we know that it is a big update which includes Erangel 2.0 and Beyond A.C.E.

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The released date of New Era Update in PUBG

So there is an official confirmation from the PUBG Mobile. That in India The update will be releasing on 8th September 2020. So prepare for the New Era of PUBG Mobile.

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