Pubg Mobile New Ancient Secret Mode

Pubg Mobile New Ancient Secret Mode

Pubg mobile is one of the famous games in India for mobile users. The game offers you different characters, costumes and new emotes time by time. And almost 3 weeks earlier game released its new royal pass season 13 which also offers users different costumes and emotes. And now game released a new mode called Ancient secret mode. Which comes with a new theme for the game and new character costume for the users.

The new model comes in a 0.19.0 update and offers its players a new mode in classic mode game and some new emotes with a brand new dress. The new update also brings a new dedicated carate for the new dress and a lot more changes in classic maps.

So here we are telling you step by step new features and changes which you will be going to see in a new event of Pubg mobile.

Highlighted features of the new ancient secret mode

1.Classic Mode Event-

The first thing which you notice if you play a classic match is an ancient secret mode. Which is not mandatory. You can check the box if you want to play a new event or you uncheck the box if you don’t want to play the event gameplay. The checkbox is available in the map selection area. And the event is held between the 4 August to 2 September

2. Inside Classic Mode Event-

The new ancient classic mode event is available on two maps Erangle and Miramar map. And in both maps inside the game, you see a new style lobby and three big sizes ancient pyramids in a map and different small sizes dunes all over the map. So if you want to go inside the pyramids. Then you have to go as soon as you land because at some time all the three pyramids fly in the sky. And move toward the zone.

3. The secret room inside the pyramid-

After all the fight you are done with your opponent who also lands on the pyramid for exploring it. You find a secret room in it which is protected by the guardian who guards the treasure of the secret room. And for that treasure which is a level 3 caret loot you have to fight the guardian who throws the rock at you so you can’t come near the treasure. So if you ever go to the pyramid then you have to check the secret room which is quite adventurous.

4. New Upgradable outfit-

This is the first time in Pubg when a dress can we also upgradable like weapons. And the dress called Golden Pharaoh X-Suite the dress can be upgraded up to six-level. And those six levels brings changes in the appearance of the dress. The new costume also has its own kill feed effect in classic matches like upgraded weapons which are very cool to look. And it also comes with its entry effect as we have seen in conquerer lobby. And if you love emotes the dress also has some of its own emotes which you can use if you have that new Pharaoh dress.

5. Dedicated crate for the new outfit-

Pubg mobile adds a new crate for the new outfit. In which you can get Pharaoh set and some other new dress. The crate also carries a new backpack which is related to the new Pharaoh outfit and a new ornament for the backpack. All the items which are related to the new outfit will be available on the new crate. If you have a new Pharaoh outfit and you want to upgrade the outfit you need Star Fragments and Starforge stone which is also available in a new crate of a Pubg.

And these are the all main highlighted features. Which you will be seeing in the new update of Pubg mobile ancient secret.


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