Is Hawkeye Will be available on Netflix soon?

Hawkeye on Netflix
Image Credit : Marvel

It’s been almost 3 years since the release of Avengers Endgame. And since then Marvel has released some of the best tv-series and movies in their new phase 4.

And it seems like it will be continuing with their new tv release Hawkeye. When the MCU phase 3 ends most of the original Avenger cast left the MCU. But not Jeremy Renner who was part of the original six. And now again returning in phase 4 with its show.

And whenever the new Marvel show and film comes there is no question, whether people are excited about it or not. Because of the image that marvel has created in the eyes of their fans.

But Marvel shows are not like the films that are released in theatres. That’s why they release them on the OTT platform. And if you are in India and fan of a Marvel then this news is for you.

Can you watch Marvels Hawkeye on Netflix –

If you are a Netflix regular subscriber for a long time. Then I am sure that you see some of their shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage on their platform.

But now Marvel has taken a turn because most of the films and shows are not released on Netflix. And why is that, because in 2019 Marvels parent company Disney launches its own online streaming platform Diseny+.

And with that, they cancelled all their shows that are released on Netflix.

So if you have a Netflix subscription and waiting to watch Hawkeye, then it was not going to work for you. But don’t worry because we are going to tell you where you can watch the show.

Where to watch Marvels Hawkeye series?

Like I said early in 2019 Disney launch its own OTT platform Disney+. Where all the Marvel original series and movies were released.

And in India, you can watch it on Disney+Hotstar. And if you are thinking about taking the subscription of the platform then keep in mind that the company don’t provide the free trial and they have three plans from which you can choose.

Hawkeye Release date and time in India –

All the episodes of the series will be going to be released one by one every week. And according to IST, you can watch them at 1.30 PM.

  • Episode 1: November 24th
  • Episode 2: November 24th
  • Episode 3: December 1st
  • Episode 4: December 8th
  • Episode 5: December 15th
  • Episode 6: December 22nd

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