How Useful Pocket is in Firefox? And a right way to use it

Pocket on firefox

Saving articles, web pages and videos to view later is one of the most convenient ways to use the internet. And modern browsers make it possible with their feature and extensions. Doesn’t matter if you use Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox.

And let’s talk about one of the extensions that let you do it in Firefox. Pocket, a modern way to save anything from the web and access them from any device.

What Actually is Pocket –

Pocket is an application and a web app. That allows you to save different content from the internet in one place such as blogs, web pages and videos.

For some, it is another way to save links. But it’s also true that it provides more additional features as compared to the traditional bookmark.

And another great thing that makes it different from its bookmark feature is that it is cross-platform. Mean save articles from the different browsers and read them in one place.

How to create an Pocket account –

Creating an account on a Pocket is very simple. All you need is, either your Gmail account, Firefox account, Apple Id or your email.

But keep in mind that to sync your saved content on every device you have to use the same sign-in account everywhere.

How to download Pocket on FireFox

In 2017 Mozilla acquire pocket. And the benefit of this is great, you get a dedicated button for the app in the firefox address bar. And if somehow you are not seeing it then don’t worry because we going to tell you where to find it.

  • Open Firefox and go to setting, and click the more tool option.
  • Inside more tool click the custumize tool bar.
  • There you will see diffrent tool find the save to pocket. And drag it to right side of the address bar.

And when you open the new tab, the Pocket save button will be there. That you can click and save the pages.

Save content on Pocket from Firefox and other browsers

  • When you find an articel or a web page that you want to save on Pocket. Simply click the Pocket button.
  • And it will give you a confirmation that your web page is saved.
  • And to view all your saved content click on the view list and it will open your pocket account, where all your content is stored.

To use Pocket on Chrome and other browsers first you have to download its extension from the Chrome web store. And then all the processes will be the same.

How to use Pocket on Android devices

Using it on Mobile devices are very simple as compared to PC. All you have to do is go to the play store and download the application from there.

After that open the app and log in through the same pocket account that you use on your pc. Now you are all set to use it on your Android device. Also, all your content will be synced with other devices too.

Save content in Pocket from your Android browser

Not only from the PC browsers, but you can also add the web pages and articles in a pocket from mobile browsers too.

  • Open the page on browser that you want to save.
  • Click the three dot menu and press the share option.
  • Inside share option find the Add to pocket option and your content will be saved suscefully on it.

How to manage Content on Pocket –

Saving the content on Pocket is a one-part and managing them is another. Like when your content is saved. You can filter them based on favourite articles, videos and tags. And that is great if you have tons of content saved in one place.

Not only this you can share your articles and download them to read them offline too. Plus deleting them is also one click away.

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