How to share a Chrome tab between different devices

sync google account in chrome

Syncing devices is the most convenient way to use multiple gadgets in one go. One moment you are on your phone, and next you working on your pc with the same files.

And the more we use it the more we like it. It’s just a few clicks and we resume the same work on any gadget.

Take an example of chrome a few years back. If we surf the internet on Chrome mobile browser and want to continue it on PC it seems impossible. But now it can be done in some seconds. Plus it gives you the flexibility to surf the internet seamlessly.

And if you don’t know how to do it. Then don’t worry because we are here to tell you exactly how it’s done.

Turn on Sync on Both Chrome PC and Mobile –

Enabling the sync option is the first step to using this feature. And you have to enable it from your chrome setting. Also, keep sure that you use the same Gmail account to log in on both devices browsers.

On Mobile devices –

  • Open Chrome and click the three dot menu button.
  • Click the settings, and go to sync option.
  • If it was enabled then you are fine, but if its not then turn it on.

On Chrome PC –

  • Click the profile icon on your browser.
  • And press the sync option.
  • There you will find all the settings related to it, Also you have to turn on the sync from there.

And that’s the end of all the setup that you need, to send your chrome tabs across the devices. Now let’s see some action.

How to send Chrome tab from PC to your Phone

There is more than one method to this. And all of them are almost identical. That’s why we are going to tell you one method that will work for you and you can do it easily.

  • Open chrome and right click the tab that you want to share to your mobile device.
  • And after syncing the chrome, your mobile device will be shown there, click the send to your mobile device option.
  • And you will get the notification on your mobile device from the chrome. That when you click will open the tab on your browser.

How to send Chrome tab from Mobile to your PC –

  • Open the tab on Chrome that you want to send, and click the three dot menu.
  • Choose the share button and click it.
  • Find send to your device option and press it, after that it will ask you for conformation to send click the device name and your pc will get an notification. That as soon as you click it will open on your browser.

How it is useful for a daily user ?

If you are a person who works on your computer daily. But also like to surf the internet from mobile devices. Then this feature let you continue your internet surfing on any device that you are on. For example, if you reading an article on your mobile browser and want to shift to your pc. You can do that with just one click

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