Evernote Web Clipper: What is it and How to use it

Whenever we talk about modern note-taking applications, Evernote is always going to be on the list. Not because it was almost free to use, but the features it provides for users to work with are great.

Whether it is managing the projects. Or getting reminders for every task on which you are working. The application provides all the features in one go.

And the feature list is not only limited to the Evernote main application. but you can also use the extensions from Evernote that make it more powerful and easier to work.

Evernote web clipper. A single thing that can almost make all your work or research-related problem go away. And how that, let’s see?

Highligted features of Evergreen Web clipper –

Before talking about the feature of the extension I want to talk about what is it. And in simple to understand words.

Evernote web clipper is an extension that you can use on your browser and save any articles, web pages and screenshots directly on your Evergreen application.

  • Save articles, web pages and pdfs from all around the internt in one click on your Evernote account.
  • Not only articles but take screenshots too from the web clipper, and costumize it according to your convience.
  • Before saving anything from the web, choose where you want to save it in your account. Like in which notebook you wanted it to save.

How to download Web clipper on any browsers –

The Great thing about this application is that it works on every browser. So no matter if you use Chrome, Safari or Firefox it works on everyone. But for this article let’s install it on Chrome. And let’s see how it works.

  1. Open the Chrome and go to Chrome web store.
  2. Now search for Evernote web clipper. And download it from their.
  3. After that it will be visible on your extension section, where you can pin in to the menu bar.
  4. But to use it you have to click on the web clipper extension icon and login to your Evernote account.

How to use Evernote web clipper effectively –

  1. Web clipper works on ever sites, also you can save youtube videos too.
  2. And to do that click the extension icon, and it will open the Evernote web clipper menu. Where all the options are available.
  3. Like you see now iam on a article page and it automatically detected that it is an article.
  4. And finally select the notebook where you want to save it and click the save clip button.

And that’s it. If you want to know more about it then use more of it. Because the more you use it the more you will find it useful.

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