Huawei New: Harmony OS 2.0 Released date

Harmony OS

Huawei has been always an innovative company, which puts a lot of effort into its devices. And whenever a smartphone device of Huawei launches. It comes up with features that have been first in the smartphone market.

And now it’s the time when Huawei comes up with its operating system which is called Harmony OS. In 2019 USA impose a ban on Huawei on doing business with an American company which also include Google. And no Google means no Android and no GMS services. And later that year Huawei announced its new Operating System Harmony OS for its devices. But now it is happening.

On its HDC2020 event, Huawei announced that the New Harmony OS 2.0 will be coming in 2021. And the beta version of the OS is releasing this year September 2020 for some devices.

And now it has to been seen how does the new OS creates an impact on Android and iOS. Because in the Operating system Apple IOS and Google Android are big names. And now in this competition, there are going to the entry of the third OS.

Who is going to be more efficient Harmony OS or Android

We all know that Android is a big player in this game. And they are playing this game for a very long time, and if we talk about the market share of Android OS in smartphone devices it is almost 86%. And that is a huge number. That’s why it is going to be very tuff to give completion to Android or iOS.

But Android is an open-source OS. And that’s why every smartphone company is customized android a little bit and then used in their devices. The majority of the smartphone companies used their chips from another company, their hardware from a different company, and there OS from Google. But on another hand, Huawei now has its chipset processor, which is designed by its own company. And now they are going to use there own OS, just like Apple does. And that’s the reason why apple devices perform well.

So Huawei is also following Apple’s path now. Therefore we can say that the upcoming phones of Huawei can be more efficient and a little bit faster than some android devices. But if Huawei wants to come along with Android, then it is going to be a long journey for the company. Because Google is big.

Devices who will be running on Harmony OS

So there is not any specific list of devices now who will be running on a new operating system. But in some reports, it says that devices who will be running on EMUI 11 are eligible for upgrading into Harmony OS. And it is only a matter of time when Huawei reveals which devices are coming with there new OS too.

Devices which are eligible for EMUI 11

1. Huawei Mate 30 Pro
2. Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G
3. Huawei Mate 30
4. Huawei Mate 30 5G
5. Huawei Mate 30 RS Porsche design
6. Huawei Mate 20
7. Huawei Mate 20 Pro
8. Huawei Mate 20 X (5G)
9. Huawei Mate 20 X (4G)
10.Huawei Mate 20 Porsche RS
11. Huawei Mate X
12. Huawei Mate Xs

13. Huawei P40
14. Huawei P40 Pro
15. Huawei P40 Pro+
16. Huawei P40 Lite
17. Huawei P40 Lite 5G
18. Huawei P30
19. Huawei P30 Pro
20. Huawei P30 Pro New Edition

21. Huawei Nova 7 SE
22. Huawei Nova 7
23. Huawei Nova 7 Pro
24. Huawei Nova 7i
25. Huawei Nova 6
26. Huawei Nova 6 5G
27. Huawei Nova 6 SE
28. Huawei Nova 5T
29. Huawei Nova 5
30. Huawei Nova 5 Pro
31. Huawei Nova 5Z
32. Huawei Nova 5i Pro

33. Huawei Enjoy 20 Pro
34. Huawei Enjoy Z 5G
45  Huawei Enjoy 10e
36. Huawei Enjoy 10 Plus
37. Huawei Enjoy 10S

So these are some of Huawei devices. Who are eligible for getting EMUI 11 software updates in the future.

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