17 Best Android Emulator for PC

Android Emulator for PC

Emulators are the best way to run Android and IOS apps on our PC. They run the games and apps in Computers or laptops. That is originally meant to run in our Android or IOS devices. And in many ways, it is cool to play mobile games with our keyboard and mouse.

Use our favorite apps in our Computers with the same interface as they have on the mobile are cool. And there are many benefits of using emulators too. But the list of emulators that are present in the market is long.

And different emulators come up with a different usages style. So for this problem, we created a list of emulators. That you can use for your usages without facing any problems.

  1. BlueStack emulator    
  2. Ko Player
  3.  Nox player
  4.  MEmu Player
  5. Gameloop  
  6. Leapdroid
  7. Andy     
  8. Smartgaga
  9.  Remix OS player     
  10. AMI DuOS Android
  11. Genymotion   
  12.  Android studio
  13.  Pheonix os    
  14. LD Player
  15. Prime os  
  16. Bliss emulator
  17. Droid4x     

Best 17 Emulator for PC

1. BlueStack Android Emulator

BlueStack Android Emulator

Bluestack has always been the emulator who gives a constant performance in running android games on PC. And you can say that it is the one of best emulators which run on both windows and mac. The emulator has more than 400 million download and 1+ Million android games available in it. And now it is currently based on an Android Nougat and sooner we are going to see it updating to Android Oreo. But the one special thing about emulator is that you can share your control with your friends who also play games in Bluestack. It provides control import/export feature to its players.

2. KO Player

KO Player

The KO player is another emulator which is very great for playing android videogames in pc. And when you first install the emulator the maximum of configuring and setting are default set so you don’t have to make an extra effort in it. The emulator is specially designed for playing android games that’s why you don’t have to change the whole control setting. And the emulator has also some great features like capturing gaming videos and change the resolution of the screen.

3. Nox Player

Nox Player

Nox player is a good emulator which available for both Windows and Mac devices easily. And it is also run on the Android 7. The gameplay in the emulator is smooth and fast and the plus point is that you can also record your game while playing it. The feature of recording is inbuild. And whenever you play the game in it you can easily set your controls like pc. But the one feature which makes the emulator better then some other emulators is its multi-instance feature which allows you to play different games at the same time.

4. MEMU Play


MEMU Play is another great emulator that you can use. The MEMU comes up with an inbuilt key mapping so users can easily play the game with there mouse and keyboards. And there is almost a million on Android games available in it which you can play at maximum setting and low frame drops. It also has multiple instance features so you can play different games at the same time.

5. Gameloop


Gameloop which is previously called Tencent gaming buddy. And it is almost like an official emulator for Tencent games. But this does not mean that it doesn’t support other games or apps. It also supports games from different companies and runs them smoothly as they are running on android. Gameloop has more than 500 million players who play the game on the Gameloop emulator. And that is a huge number for an emulator.

6. Leapdroid Android Emulator

Leapdroid Android Emulator

Leapdroid is a good choice if you want to load and run your android games fast on your PC. It has its app store from where you can download almost every game, and it gives you an experience like Google Play Store. It also gives you an option between choosing your pc keyboard or your screen keyboard. So you can switch sometime if you want. And if you run heavy android games it runs those games with almost zero frame drops and lag.

7. Andy Android Emulator

Andy Android Emulator

Andy is a good emulator which support both Window and Mac devices easily. So if you are a Mac user then you don’t have to face any problem with running Andy. It also gives you one best feature which is unique and that is, you can use your phone as a joystick with gyro and play the game on your big PC screen. And if you are a user of social media then you also use their apps in Andy’s emulator.

8. SmartGaga


Smartgaga is the best emulator for those users whose PC specs are low. Because the emulator helps you to reduce the machine load so your game can run smoothly with minimum lag and you can play games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire without any lag. And for this, the emulator uses GPU Turbo technology so you get maximum performance in the minimum specification.

9. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

The remix is kind of new and it allows you to run your android apps in your pc. And it gives you an option to run two games at the same time and multiple apps at a one-time option which is quite good. But the thing about Remix OS Player is it out of the active development. But that does does not mean it’s not good now the apps on it run perfectly now. And you can play games on the emulator without any problem. And in the future whenever you find any difficulty using it, then you can try other emulators from the list.

10. AMI DuOS Android Emulator

AMI DuOS Android Emulator

AMI DuOS is a great emulator that gives you a great experience of android in your PC. And run your games and apps very fast on your computer without affecting much on your computer performance. And the good thing about the emulator is the minimum requirement of ram for this is 1GB but if you want very smooth performance for games then you need 4GB of Ram. But it works on 1GB of RAM too.

11. Genymotion Android Emulator

Genymotion Android Emulator

Genymotion is normally an android studio that is mostly used by app developers. It helps the developers to test their apps on different devices without practically own those devices. So they can check the app before putting their app in front of users. In works on Windows OS, Mac and Linux so you can use this on any Operating system. But this does not mean you dose not use the emulator for personal use like gaming. You can also do this task on this emulator too.

12. Android Studio

Android Studio

Android Studio is used to simulates Android devices. And you can say that it is a default consol to test your android apps before putting them into the market. You can try all the thing in this emulator which an android device come up with like cloning incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and many other different features. So if you are a developer and want to test some apps this Android studio is perfect for you.

13. Pheonix OS

Pheonix OS

Pheonix OS is a great emulator if you are fond of playing games on a big screen. And for all the games in the emulator, the keymapping is set to default in it, so you don’t have to work on that. And it also has a game assistant feature, in which all your other accessories like mouse, keyboard, and gamepad are enabled automatically. If you are a player of pubg and play pubg in emulator then Pheonix os provides you a feature of freelook in it. So you can rotate your camera angle without changing the direction of the player.

14. LD Player

LD Player

LD Player is good for those who have very interested in playing games. And it runs on Both AMD and Intel power processor easily. The LD Player emulator comes up with some good features like playing games in high FPS with almost no lag, use a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad while gaming. And open several windows of games and apps at the same time without facing any major lag.

15. Prime OS

Prime OS

Prime OS is like you are using an Android OS in your PC like you use Windows or Mac OS. It allows you to access millions of android apps on your PC. And you can say that it is a mixture of Android and your PC. And if you are a gamer then it is made for you, because it’s kind of focus more on android gaming and you can play the android games easily and comfortably with your mouse and keyboard.

16. Bliss Emulator

Bliss Emulator

Blis Emulator is normally an Operating System for PC like Windows and Mac. Where you can enjoy all the features of Android. And you can use this on your Linux, window, Chromebook, and tablets. And the other feature of the Bliss Emulator is, it is a battery-friendly and gives you high performance in usage without consuming to much power.

17. Droid4X Android Emulator

Droid4X Android Emulator

Droid4X is a great free emulator to use on PC. And it works on both Windows and Mac. And if you are seeking to play high-speed android games then you can try Droid4x. The downloading size of the emulator is also small. So you can easily download it without spending too much of your Internet.

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