How to use KDE Connect on Windows 10 PC

How to use KDE Connect

If you have a PC and an Android device. Then sometimes you must have gone through a thought, how can I connect my phone and PC. And if you are a windows user, Microsoft has already covered you by providing your phone name application in their platform for this task.

But it is always good to have a solid alternative for every software. That can give a hint of how things will work on other platforms. And lucky we have a good alternative of Microsoft Your Phone now that we can use on the Windows platform. And that is KDE Connect.

The KDE Connect is previously available for Linux users. And is very widely popular among Linux users. It allows the users to sync their mobile devices with their PC. And let them do many things like see the phone notification on their desktop devices, check the phone battery level or other things.

And the good thing now is that the KDE Community has now released the beta build for the Windows users too on the Microsoft store. And with that now Windows users too can use the KDE Connect to connect their devices.

Highlighted features of the KDE Connect –

  • Receive your phone notifications on your desktop computer and reply to messages
  • Control music playing on your desktop from your phone
  • Use your phone as a remote control for your desktop
  • Run predefined commands on your PC from connected devices. See the list of example commands for more details.
  • Check your phone’s battery level from the desktop
  • Ring your phone to help find it
  • Share files and links between devices
  • Browse your phone from your desktop
  • Control the desktop’s volume using your phone
  • Send SMS from your desktop

How to connect two devices with the KDE Connect –

To pair your devices with the KDE connect, you have to download the KDE connect on your PC and your Mobile devices. Note that both of the devices are connected to the same network. Then open both applications and search. And after that search one of your devices will appear on your second device screen.

And finally, you have to request pairing in one of the two devices. And accept it from another one. And hopefully, you will be able to connect your two devices successfully.

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