Is Berlin will be returning for Money Heist season 5

berlin in money heist season 5

Money Heist or we can say that La Casa de Papel has been one of the most famous series from the last few years. Every time whenever the new season of the show was going to drop. A huge excitement has been seen among the fans and that includes me. Currently, there are four seasons are available and every new season is better than the previous one.

And that’s the reason why people are just mad about this show. Not only the scriptwriting but the characters of the show are also very perfect. Each of the characters has their own charm in the show and that is just wonderful.

But the one character that impressed many viewers with their acting in the show is Berlin. Although the character has been dead in season 2 of the Money Heist, but every season Berlin keep showing in the series. And this shows, that the creators of the show also known that how popular the berlin character has been.

That’s why everyone just wanted to know that is Berlin will be returning for the fifth season too? And the answer is yes. Pedro Pascal will be returning one more time as Berlin in the money heist season 5 and it has been confirmed, you can also check out the latest trailer of the Money heist in which Berlin has also appeared for a few moments. But it is more likely that berlin will make an appearance in the show via flashbacks. Not like return from death. But the thing is, that he will be going to appear in the final season of the Money Heist.

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