How to change Video streaming quality in Amazon prime Video

Change streaming quality in amazon prime

For the past few years, the OTT platform has been on a rise in India. Most people, including me and maybe you prefer to watch movies and shows while sitting at the home. And in top of that, the pandemic has also helped the platforms to grow more in many countries. All the movies that will be releasing in the theatres now choose to release on some OTT platforms. And that attracts more and more users to this platform.

In India, there are also many different OTT platforms available for the user to choose from. And one of them is Amazon prime video, which is quite popular for its Indian and foreign shows. The prime video comes with a wide variety of shows at a very reasonable price. And that’s maybe one of the reasons why prime is soo popular.

But if you are a new prime customer. Then there are some settings that you want to change first before watching anything on the platform. And it only increases your user experience whenever you watching the shows and movies in it.

Basic setting to change in Amazon Prime Video –

There are not many settings in Amazon videos and the majority of the settings are not too important too. But the one thing that you want to change in Amazon prime is the streaming quality setting. Because sometimes when you watching something, and the quality of the video drops automatically due to the internet. Then I know how annoying it is, and the good thing is you can change it easily.

So let’s see how you can do it in only some steps.

  • Open the prime video app in your mobile device or in your PC.
  • Then click on my stuff and select the setting option.
  • In the setting, you find the option name Stream and Download.

  • And from their click the streaming quality and choose the setting that you think will be good for you. And that’s it.

  • And If you use the prime video on your pc then, in there you just have to go to settings and you will be seeing the option in the front.

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