How to use Google extensions on android

Google extensions on android

Google extensions are very useful for us many times. It enhances the experience of using the browsers on our laptops and PCs. And with the help of them, our lot of works is easy. It’s like we are using multiple apps that do different things at the same time.

But the limitation of them is that they are right now only available on the Google Chrome browser which we used on our laptops. And we can’t run these google extensions in the chrome apps that we used in our android or iOS devices.

But if you want to use the google extensions on your android devices too. Then for that, you have to go through a different process. And also need a third-party browser for it that is also very secure like google chrome. And with the help of this, you can use the chrome addons extensions on your android too.

Steps to use Google extensions on your Android devices

Google extensions on android

So for using the Chrome mobile extensions first you need another browser which names Kiwi Browser. And then all the process begins after this.

  • To download the KiWi browser, you have to go to your play store and search the KiWi browser in it. And download the browser.
  • Now open the browser and in-home screen of the browser you see three-dot in the right top. Click that option and select the extension option.
  • And in there click on the text name Google. And it will open a new browsing screen where you have to go to the Google web store page.
  • In there you have to select the extension which you want to use. And after selecting click the Add to chrome button.
  • It automatically adds the addon in your kiwi browser Extension section.

Google extensions on android

How to remove extensions from the browser

Sometimes we download many different addons in our browser. And later we want to delete some of them and to do this.

  • You have to just open your Kiwi browser. And go to the extension option.
  • There you find all of your downloaded extensions.
  • If you want to delete them permanently then click on the remove button. And if you want to just disable them then slide the button on the opposite side.

And after following all these steps you can simply download and remove the google extension on your android device.

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