How to delete browsing history from all browsers

delete browsing history

Every one of us uses a browser to use the internet. They are like tools that we used to connect to the internet. And nowadays for this, many different browsers are available for Windows, iOS, and Android. But the main purpose of them is to help us to surf the internet.

And if we use these browsers then we also know that they store all our activities of our surfing on the internet which we called history. They store what site we visited how many times we go to that page. And everything we do on the internet.

But the good thing is, we can delete all these browsing history from our browser. So if anyone can use our browser then the person cannot peek that what we search or what site we visited. And you can do that on every browser easily.

Delete Google history from Google chrome-

The majority of the users who use the browsers are using Google chrome in their laptops and PCs. It is a very secure browser and also comes up from Google. And if you use this a lot, then it also has a lot of your browsing history. So for delete the browsing history in chrome.

three dots < setting < privacy and security < clear browsing data < clear data

1. Open your chrome browser and on the home screen in that browser, there is a three-dot option. In the top right of the screen. Click that option.

2. Now in there, go to setting, and inside the setting click the privacy and security option.

3. And there click the clear browsing data option, tick all the checkbox and click the Clear data button.

Google chrome for Android and iOS

delete chrome history

setting < privacy < clear browsing data < clear data

1. For Android or iOS open your chrome app in it. And go to the setting option in it.

2. In setting, you have to scroll down a little, where you see the privacy options.

3.  Inside the privacy you see clear browsing data click on that tick all the boxes. And press the clear data button. And now you are all done.

Delete History from Firefox

delete firefox history

Firefox is another browser that is very famous among the users. And many peoples love to use Firefox. And for clearing data from Firefox, you have to open your browsing app.

three dot < setting < delete browsing data on quite < delete browsing data

1. Open the Firefox app, which you used in your Android or iOS. And click on the three-dot button.

2. Now click on the setting and just scroll down a little, where you see delete browsing data on quite option.

3. Inside that option, you have to check the all boxes and then press the delete browsing data button.

Delete History from Opera-Mini

delete opera mini history

If you are using opera mini as your primary browser. Then there also you have to clear your history and cookies as well. And to do so you just have to open the Opera-mini browser.

Opera browser < Setting < privacy < clear browsing data < clear data

1. Open your Opera browser and, And go to the setting option there.

2. In the setting, there is a block called privacy. And inside that privacy block, you have to click the Clear browsing data option.

3. Now select what things you want to clear, like history, bookmarks, or cookies. And after selecting click the clear data button.

Clear history from Microsoft-Edge

Microsoft Edge is a good alternative to Google Chrome in Windows. And many people use it as their primary browser. So if sometimes you think to delete your all browsing history from it. Then all you have to do is open the browser.

Microsoft edge < Three dot < setting < Privacy, Search and Services < clear browsing data < clear now

1. In the browser click on the three-dots and go to setting.

2.  Now choose the Privacy, Search, and Services option.

3. In there you see a clear browsing data section, and now you choose what to clear and then press the clear now button.

So these are all major browsers from which you can clear the data of your browsing history. But note if you clear all your data from your browser then all your saved bookmarks your Id in the browser and all your tabs are also being erased. And you have to put them again.

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