How to create Huawei id on its devices

create Huawei id on its devices

Huawei is one of the leading companies in a world who manufacture smartphones devices for the users. It sells smartphone devices with its brand name and also has a sub-brand called Honor. And if you use mobile devices then you know how important it is to create an Id in it. Like in the Apple iPhones you have to create an Apple id just like that in Huawei you have to create a Huawei id.

Huawei id helps you to access all the services of its like App gallery its Mobile cloud and different themes for the device. And this helps you to protect your data from breaches also.

So if you have a Huawei device and want to make an Id in your device in it then just follow these steps.

How to create Huawei Id-

create Huawei id on its devices

So these following steps are the same for those Honor phone users and Huawei phone users. Because the setting and steps are same for the both.

  • So the first step which you have to do is open your phone setting.
  • Where you see on top of the bar option called Log in to Huawei ID.
  • Click in that option and press the register option in it.
  • Now you have to select a county in which you live and press the next button.
  • Then enter your date of birth in it.
  • Now it asks you to, enter your phone number and verification code which you get in that number, and you also have to set a strong password. Or you can simply register it with email also.
  • Now fill the detail and you are ready to go with your Huawei id.

Advantages of Huawei Id-

  • You can upload all your contact messages and passwords into the Mobile cloud. Which you get when you make an ID for it. And simply access then from any Huawei phones.
  • You will get an SMS verification. Whenever you log your account from an unauthorized phone.
  • You can access all Huawei services after you make an ID

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