How to delete different social media accounts

delete different social media accounts

In 2020 Social media is a rockstar. And everyone use at least one platform of social media it can be Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram and the majority of us use all three of them on regular basis. And the question is why not use them they are a good source of information nowadays through them we connect with peoples with our friends and families.

But we all have to accept that sometimes they are very distracting. And attract all of our focus. When we are using them we lost our time and hours we are scrolling feeds in them or texting someone.

So what if you decided to delete those social media accounts for some time. But on some social media platforms, it is difficult to find the delete option. And them you search how to delete this platform from my phone or laptop. And for this, we collected some social media lists and their deactivation process. So you easily take some time off from them.

Delete different social media account

So now we are talking about some of the famous social media accounts. Which has the majority of users like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter. And a bonus Google account.

1. Delete/Deactivate Facebook account

The process of deleting facebook account is same in both iOS and Android

  • Open Facebook app in your device.
  • Now you see a three-line button on your screen. Click on that option.
  • Now scroll down the list and click setting and privacy option then click setting.
  • And in setting menu find the Account ownership and control option.
  • In there you see a Deactivation and delete option.
  • Choose if you want to permanently delete your account or just temporarily deactivate it.
  • And after choosing to click on the Next button and now your work is done.

2.Delete Whatsapp account

  • So for deleting WhatsApp open you’re WhatsApp in your device.
  • Click the three-dot button on the top right. And then go to setting.
  • Click the account option. Then click the delete my account option.
  • In there you get 2 option first you can change your WhatsApp number and second you can delete your WhatsApp social media account.
  • Choose the option and click the delete my account.

3.Delete Instagram Account

  • For deleting the Instagram account go to app setting.
  • Where you find help options. In there click on the help center.
  • Now you see manage your account option. Click on that option and inside you see delete your account.
  • Just click on that and follow the option you want. And complete the process. And now you are done.

so these are the steps to delete the Instagram account.

4. Delete Twitter Account

  • For deleting twitter account open its app, or you can also use a browser.
  • Now click on the three-line option on the top left.
  • Now you are seeing an Account option there. Click on that option.
  • The account section below the LogOut option, you see Deactivate the Account.
  • Click on that option and your work is done. But if you login again in the next 30 days your account will be activated again.

5. Delete Google Account

So this is not a social media account. But it is important. And sometimes we have more than 1 google account and we want one of the accounts to be removed permanently.

  • First, go to your phone browser and type Google Account in it.
  • Now open the Google Account and click on the Manage your account section in your account.
  • Now you see Data And Personalization option there. Click on that option
  • Scroll down a little there and you see Delete a Service or your account option.
  • Click that option and now click Delete your Account.
  • And your password for confirmation. And then click the Delete account button.


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