How to uninstall Google-Chrome from Android and Computer


Google chrome is one of the most used internet browsers in the market. And the majority of the users who use smartphone or pc devices use the chrome daily. And why not it is fast and minimalistic, and in the PC version you get a lot of extensions to use. That increases your productivity and overall user experience.

But what else makes Chrome so popular that almost 65% of the PC users use chrome in their system. And 62% of the smartphone users use it in there smartphones. And the answer is Google itself. Chrome is developed by Google. So in every device that are runs on Android OS  comes with Google Chrome preinstalled. Because it is a part of Google GMS services.

But as time goes many of the users are also trying different browser too for browsing the internet. But in Android, the chrome is a default browser. So it is actually impossible to uninstall the Chome from your smartphone devices like other browsers.

So what to do if you want to remove it from your devices and take some time from it. And that is exactly we are going to show you how to remove chrome from your smartphone devices and your computer in only a few steps. So all you have to do is follow the steps below.

Remove Chrome from PC –

  • Open your search bar in pc and search setting.


  • After going to the setting of your PC click the App option.


  • Inside the apps, there is all the application there. That is installed in your pc search for Google Chrome.


  • When you find it click the app and press the uninstall button. And Chrome will be successfully uninstalled from your pc.


Remove Chrome from your Device –

In android devices, you really can’t uninstall chrome. Because it is a part of GMS. And every Android device is preinstalled with these services. But there is one way that you can use to stop chrome from running in your device.

  • In your smartphone device go to setting.
  • Inside setting search for apps option.


  • In apps search for chrome.
  • When you find the app click it, and now you are going to see two option force stop and disable.


  • Click the Disable and your Chrome will be disabled from your smartphone device.


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