Best developer Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome


Chrome has been a first choice of many of the users who surf the internet daily. No matter if anyone is using a Mac or a Windows. Majority of the users use chrome in their system. And many things about it make its an overall good browser to surf the internet. Like its stability, performance and Google itself.

Not only for users who surf the internet uses chrome. But developers who work as a Frontend developer also prefer chrome as compare to other browsers. Especially if you work with an HTML and CSS.

Because chrome comes with a developers tool that can be very helpful in this situation. And to use these tools you can use some shortcuts in your keyboards. And seriously using shortcut keys can be very handy and cool too.

So let’s see some of the most used and very important shortcut keys that you can use in chrome. It doesn’t matter if you are a developed or normal internet user. These keys can be very useful for you. While using chrome.

1. Consol Shortcut key – ctrl+shift+j

So the first shortcut key is for the developers who work with javascript. And if you do then you know how important is consol actually is while working with JS. It allows you to write simple code in it without going to some IDE. And many times there is a situation to open the console in google. And to do that first we have to click the right click then manually go to consol by clicking in it. But with ctrl+shift+j now you can simply open the console bar directly in chrome.

2. Inspect shortcut key – ctrl+shift+c

element bar is another most important feature in a chrome. It allows you to change your CSS not permanently but temporary. And many peoples use this every day while coding. And opening the inspect by using a mouse is not preferred by everyone. So for that, you can use the ctrl+shift+i.

3. Incognito mode shortcut key –

In browsers incognito mode is a very popular feature and almost every browser comes with it. And if you use chrome then you know how much you have to move your mouse to open a new incognito mode. And sometimes it feels lazy. That’s why there is also a shortcut for that too and that is ctrl+shift+N. So you can use this key instead of dragging your mouse in the screen to open incognito mode in chrome.

4. Searching words keyboard Shortcut  –

If you open a site and want to know, in which line there is a particular word or sentence. Then there is a good feature in browsers for that. And that is the search bar. Which allows you to search for a word in any sites that you are on. And by clicking the ctrl+shift+g you can access this search bar in Google chrome.

5. Restore closed tab in Chrome –

So this shortcut key is one of the favourite and most used by me. And it can be, also very useful for you too. This key allows you to restore your tab if you accidentally closed them in chrome. Like you are on some site and you closed it by accident. So by pressing ctrl+shift+t you can restore almost 10 closed tabs of yours.

6. Open link in a new tab –

After the above shortcut key, this is my second favourite short key that I use. And it’s open a link in a new tab. And it is sometimes very important while you are on youtube or in search engine result page. You can open as many links you want in a new tab and then visit one by one. But for this without shortcut key, you have to click a left-click then press the open link in new tab option. But by pressing a ctrl key and then click the links your all links will be opening in new tab.

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