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If you are a person who changes its smartphone devices every year. Or want to buy the new device every year. Then for you, Flipkart launches a new subscription-based service called Flipkart Smart Pack.

In the Smarpack subscription service, Flipkart claims that if anyone buys a phone from the Flipkart. And use its new subscription service while purchasing a device. Then at the end of the 12/18 month, they will get there 100% money back if they return their device.

If you listen to this then it looks like a quite a good deal. To change the device and get your whole money back. And then buy some other phone with that money. But some other details are related to it. And you need to know what are these conditions and other things in this Smartpack.

So you can know better if the service is fit for you or not. But first, let’s see what actually is Flipkart SmartPack Service. That everyone is talking about.

What exactly is Flipkart Smartpack –

Flipkart Smartpack is a subscription-based service. That allows you to return your device to Flipkart after a period of time and get your money back. There are many smartphone brand devices that you can buy like  Samsung, Oppo Vivo, Motorola, Redmi and Poco and more.

But if you want to purchase a device with a Smartpack service. Then you also have to pay a monthly subscription fee for that. For example, if you buy a device under this subscription then first you have to pay the price of that device. Plus you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of Smartpack every month for 12/18 months depending on the duration you choose. But at last, you will get your smartphone money back and basically, you are paying the subscription fee.

Now you all are thinking about how much this subscription fee cost you and for that, you have to read below.

Flipkart Smartpack subscription plan cost –


So basically there are three packs that you can choose of SmartPack subscription. And this is very important to know about. First is the Gold Pack, Second is the Silver Pack and the third one is the Bronze pack.

While purchasing the device under this subscription you have to choose one of the pack. Then you buy a device under this service. So let’s see how much these pack cost per month.

  • Gold Pack – The gold pack is the first SmartPack that you can choose. And if you choose this pack. Then at the time of returning, you got the 100% of your money back in your bank account. And the cost of this subscription service based on the price of the smartphone that you are going to buy. So see carefully how much the subscription cost for each device.
  • Silver Pack – If you choose a silver pack while purchasing your device then in returning you got 80% of your money back. Not 100% it’s just 80%.  The cost of this pack is also different for every device.
  • Bronze Pack – The bronze pack is the last one that you can choose. And in this pack, you are going to get only 60% of your money back while returning your device.

These are the Super packs that you can choose if you want to use this service while purchasing a mobile phone. And if you want to know more about this Flipkart Smartpack then you can visit there page.

The other perks of Flipkart Smartpack –


The first perk of the Smartpack is that you can return your device in any condition until your IMEI will be showing in your screen and your phone turns on. And second, you also get some other online subscription-based services like Disney+hotstar, Flipkart Complete mobile protection, SonyLiv Premium, Voot Select, Zee5 Premium, Zomoto Pro and other different services.

  • With Gold pack, you get 13 different premium services.
  • With Silver Pack, you get 9 premium services.
  • With the Bronze pack, you get 8 Premium Services.

And one important thing is that all the money that you get while returning your device will be directly sent to your bank account.

How to buy a Smartphone using Flipkart Smartpack –


If you want to buy a Smartphone using Flipkart Smartpack then you have to open your Flipkart account in your Smartphone. Because this feature is not available on the website.

  • Open the Flipkart app in your Smartphone.
  • Then choose the smartphone you want to buy.
  • Now choose the smart pack like Gold, Silver or Bronze.
  • And after that agree there terms and conditions and pay for the smartphone upfront and the subscription charge every month. Until you return your device in 12/18 Months.


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