How to stop Whatsapp from downloading media in your gallery

Whatsapp media auto download

Whenever we talked about the famous social media platforms around the globe. Whatsapp have always been on that list. It is a very simple instant messaging application that supports both video calling and audio calling.

And that’s why it is one of the most popular applications that every Indian use it on their device. No matter if it is android users or iOS ones. And if you remove the audio and video calling feature from the app still it is one of the fastest and reliable instant messaging app.

That lets you send not only text messages but pictures and video files too. And these files will save on your devices so you can access them anytime you want. But it works on both the way for some this is quite a good thing. But for users who use devices with not high storage, faces the problem with the WhatsApp auto-downloading media feature.

But don’t worry because disabling it is very simple and you can do it in some seconds. So let’s try it out.

Stop media downloading on your WhatsApp for android –

  • Open whatsapp application and click the three dot menu.
  • Open the settings and go to chats option.
  • Inside chats turn off the media visiablity option, and you have sucessfully disable the auto downloding media in your whatsapp.

Stop media downloading on your WhatsApp for particular chat or group

Sometimes we want to save the media from WhatsApp in our gallery. But there are always some groups that send tons of photos and videos daily. And the best way is to disable the auto-downloading media from that particular group or chat. And to do that.

  • Open the indiviadiual group or chat.
  • And click the three dot menu and view contact.
  • Inside view conatact go to media visiblity. And change the setting according to your need.

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