How to group tabs on Google Chrome Android

group tabs in chrome android

Google chrome has been the first choice for millions of android users for the past few years. It has always been a go-to browser to search on the internet.

And to keep its position on top. Google has been making it better and better with time. By adding necessary features in it, now and then. And one feature that I think has been missing for a long time in the android version of google chrome is grouping the tabs.

Grouping the tab has been around for quite some time in the windows and mac versions of chrome. But now the company has pushed it for android devices too.

So if you are a person who liked this feature on the windows version of chrome, then it may be helpful on your mobile device too.

How to use tab group feature on chrome android

  1. First if your chrome is not updated, then update the application from play store.
  2. After updating it, open your chrome application and go to tabs section.
  3. In tab section click the three dot menu and choose the group tabs.
  4. And select the tabs that you want to group together. And press group button.

How to ungroup the tabs on chrome android

If you accidentally add a tab in your group that you don’t want. Then removing it from the group is the best option. And to do that.

  1. Go to your group tabs section and long press the tab that you want to remove.
  2. And then slide it to the remove from group area.
  3. And thats it your tab will be now available outside of the group with your other tabs.

Using grouping tabs is one of the best methods to organize your tabs in the browser. But the one thing that I think still missing in the android version of this feature is to name a group.

In PCs, you can name your group so you can identify what types of tabs are inside it. But in android, this feature is still lagging. But let’s see if google make it happen in the next update.

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