Best Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts For every user

Best Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Chrome, a browser that is widely popular among PC users. Although it does not come pre-download in the PCs, even though its market shares are very high as compare to its competitors.

And when this many of peoples are using it, then it will also be good to know some or more tricks related to it. Like the keyboard shortcut keys.

Every browser comes up with different shortcut keys. And if you are not using it then you are missing a great time-saving advantage.

And like other browsers, Chrome also has some very handy Shortcut keys. That saves you time in a big run.

And to introduce you to some of them. We are listing the keys, so you can use them whenever you are working on your browser.

Best Google Chrome Shortcuts in 2021 –

We are diving the Chrome Keyboard shortcuts into three different categories. One for normal day to day users, one for students and one for developers.

Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Normal day to day use –

1. Copying Text from web – ( ctrl + c )

Copying text from the web is the most common task that we do daily. Sometimes we read an article and want to copy it.

Or we search for some work meaning and use it. In all that situation most of the time we use our mouse or trackpad for it.

But with the help of ctrl + c, you can select the text that you can copy, and press the keys. To copy your text one click.

2. Pasting the text – (ctrl + v)

After copying the text it’s time for using it. And to paste your copied text press ctrl + v. And your wok has done.

It’s just that easy to copy something and paste it without using your mouse and trackpad.

Though it is not a shortcut that is available only on chrome, and it is a good thing too because you can use it on any text editor or in browsers

3. Open a new tab – (ctrl + t)

When we use the browsers, we use more than one tab on it.

And for open a new tab majority of the time, we move our cursor to the tabs section and click the plus icon.

But with the help of ctrl + t, we can open a new blank tab on our chrome. Without even touching the mouse.

4. Close a current tab – (ctrl + w)

When I working and my work is done. Then I always close the tab by clicking the cross sign on it.

But with a shortcut key, you can do it easily. And all you have to do is press the ctrl + w button and your currently working tab will be closed.

5. Jump to next open tab – (ctrl + tab)

Working on the different tabs are very common on browsers. And I am sure that while you use Chrome you also open 4 or 5 tabs together.

And to jump on those tabs most of the time we use our cursor. But with the ctrl + tab, we can move to the next open tab easily with our keyboard.

6. Open the downloading page (ctrl + j)

Many use our browser for surfing the internet, but it is also true that it will also use for downloading the files too. And sometimes it is very confusing to see whether the file that you downloaded, is complete or not.

And to check it there is a downloading page available on every browser. That give you all the details regarding that downloading file.

And to open that page, you have to press the ctrl + j button on your keyboard.

7. Stop page loading (Esc)

When you go on some web page and our internet is not working properly. That page takes a lot of time to load properly.

And when that happened something we also experience a lag in our system. In that case, stoping the page loading is the best option.

And to do it with your keyboard the Esc key is used. So next time whenever any page on the web takes minutes to load, press the Esc and it will stop it immediately.

8. Make the font size big on the page (ctrl and +)

Different sites come up with different font styles and text sizes. Sometimes we can read the text easily and sometimes it can be difficult to read what is written.

And in that case, you can use a shortcut key ctrl and + keys from your keyboard to increasing the size of the font.

This shortcut will increase the size of the text above 100% so you can see more clearly what is written.

Chrome keyboard shortcut for students –

1. Open a new window in Incognito mode (ctrl + shift + n)

Sometimes we are researching on some topic. But our previous searches and history of our browser affect your result.

In that case, incognito mode is the best option. And I am sure that many of you are using it.

But to use it from the shortcut key you have to press the ctrl + shift + n on your keyboard. And in one second your incognito tab will be open on chrome.

2. restore previously closed tab on chrome (ctrl + shift + t)

If you are a student or some content creator, then most probably you work on different tabs simultaneously. And it is not a surprise if accidentally one is closed. Because I know it is too confusing to work on different tabs.

But one shortcut key that can be very helpful for you in this situation is ctrl + shift + t. This shortcut will help you to restore your previously closed tab in the same order they were closed.

3. Open a specific tab with your keyboard (ctrl + 1 to ctrl + 9)

Again a great shortcut key that is very helpful while working on the multiple tabs. Because this one helps you to navigate your tabs with your keyboard keys.

for example, if you want to open your second number tab on your browser, just simply press ctrl + 2 and your second tab will be open.

4. Show or hide the bookmark bar (ctrl + shift + b)

Bookmarks are very important to save a page to access it again. And I know that many of you have different pages saved in your bookmark tab.

And that’s why a bookmark bar is very important and handy while browsing.

But it is also true that the bookmark bar takes space on your browser screen. Which most of the people don’t like. So to hide it you can use the ctrl + shift + b and press the same keys to unhide it again.

5. Open Chrome task manager (Shift + Esc)

Chrome task manager comes in very handy to view the Cpu usages and memory uses of each tab.

And by checking it you can easily see which tab is using more memory and not in use. With it, you can also end the tab process.

So to open the chrome task manager you have to press the shift + Esc key. And it will appear on your screen.

6. Open the search bar on Chrome (Ctrl + f)

How many times does this happen to you that, you are reading a long article or you are searching for some specific part in an article? If you have also been in this situation then the chrome search bar feature can help you.

It let you search specific words on that tab. And highlight them so you can see where that word is located.

To open the search bar on chrome press the ctrl + f button.

7. Open a new tab and perform a Google search (search term + alt + enter)

This one shortcut will help you to save time. With this shortcut key, you can search any query on the current working tab.

But when that query open it will be open on the new chrome tab. And it is a great way too. To search anything on google without going to a new tab

To use it, search the term on the search bar on the same tab, and then press the alt and enter together.

8. Save the Current page on your system (ctrl + s)

Most of you have heard of this option but haven’t used it. But this can be very helpful with pages that we use regularly.

By pressing ctrl + s you can save a webpage on your system. Which you can access every day by just clicking on it. And it will be open on your chrome browser.

9. Page up and Page down without the mouse (space + page up or page down)

Scrolling pages with your laptop trackpad can be very tricky sometimes. But don’t worry we got another keyboard shortcut key for that task too. And to use it.

For scrolling down press the space key and page down key. And to scroll up space key plus page up key.

Google Chrome shortcut keys for developers –

1. Open developers tool (ctrl + shift + I)

Chrome developers tools are widely famous among web developers. And if you are a person who is a developer then chrome developer tools will be very useful for you.

You can access it by clicking the inspecting option. But if you want to use them directly then press the ctrl + shift + I.

2. Open Consol on Google chrome (Ctrl + Shift + j)

Whenever you write a javascript for your website. To see if it working or not or any errors Google consol is a great place.

If you want to access it by mouse then you have to first go to developer tools and then open the console tab.

But with ctrl + shift + j you can open the chrome console space directly.

3. Open element tab in Google Chrome (Ctrl + Shift + c)

Another method to open a Chrome element tab is by pressing ctrl + shift + c. So try these shortcut keys to open your developer’s tools on Chrome.

If you are a mac user then these shortcut keys might not work for you. But the good thing is you can check out the Google Chrome help page to see all Chrome keyboard shortcuts for Mac devices as well as Windows and Linux.

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