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We all once installed and use a truecaller. And why aren’t we, it’s a good source to find the information about the unknown numbers. And it helps us many times to identify a number or a span calls. Because sometimes our phone rang and we saw an unknown number on it. And we didn’t know whose number is that because it’s not stored in our phone contact. So the only thing we do there is guess whose number is that.

And that’s where Truecaller helps. It identifies the number for us and shows us the name of that person. Some time is right and sometimes it’s not that accurate.

But the question that arises here is how did it guess the name from an unknown number. And is it safe to use?

How truecaller works

truecaller at playstore

The truecaller works on the concept of crowd-sourcing. This means the more users use it the better it gonna be. When a user downloads the application and creates an account in it all the contact of that user syncs with the truecaller server. And it stores all the contact of that device.

And when someone calls you with an unknown number. Then truecaller check its server and find the contact number and the name which has been saved in that number. And that the reason why sometimes the name of the contact in truecaller is not accurate because it was saved in someone’s contact list by that name.

Truecaller has almost 500M+ download on Playstore. And that’s mean it has 500M+ people’s contact list data, which is pretty huge. So now the question arises is it safe to use true caller. And the answer depends on you, if you are cool with giving accessing your numbers to it then you can use it easily. But if you don’t want to show your number in the truecaller server. Then you have to remove your number from there servers.

Remove your number from truecaller server

unlist your number from truecaller

Removing numbers from the truecaller list is very simple. And you can do this process in only a few steps.

  • For removing the number from truecaller open the app. And go to the setting of that app.
  • In the setting section, there is an option called the privacy center. Click that option.
  • And deactivate your account. And the first part also ends here.
  • Now in the second part, Go to the official truecaller unlist website.
  • Where you have to put a number, which you want to remove from there server.
  • And after putting the number click the unlist the phone number button. In 24 hours your number is removed from there server.

Also see –

And after doing this process your number from truecaller will be removed permanently. And your name will be not showing in someone truecaller.

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