How Incognito mode works on browsers

How Incognito mode works

We all use browsers and therefore we know how important an incognito mode can be. And most importantly every browser has come up with this inbuilt feature. It doesn’t matter if you use Google Chrome or Apple Safari. It comes up with all the internet surfing browsers. And people who love to keeps there tabs private for them this is the best feature. It helps you to browse the internet without being tracked. And all the tracks of your on the internet are not stored in the history.

How Incognito mode works

The simple way to understand how this privacy mode is working is that. Whenever you use the internet and visit websites or search for any quarries. These information stores in your browsing history. And sites also implant the cookies in your browser too, so when the next time you visit that site then this site knows that you come here before. So it doesn’t ask for any password if you create an account on that site and show the content according to your previous visit.

Then what does the incognito mode does, and the answer is it’s reverse of the above process. And now if you are visiting the different websites in the incognito tab. Then at that time, the browsing history, of yours is not stored in your browser. And also if a site implant a cookie in your browser. Then whenever you close the privacy mode it also erases.

But this does not mean that you are invisible there. Your IP address is still visible in the incognito mode and that’s why your ISP still knows what site you visit and for how much time.

Privacy mode on Google Chrome

So at this time, you have been known that incognito mode and privacy mode are the same with a different name. And for activating in google chrome you can follow the below steps.

  1. First, open your chrome browser. And click on the three-dot button.
  2. In there you find the option name new-incognito window. Click that option.
  3. And now your Incognito mode is activated in Google chrome.
  4. And there is also a shortcut key for that CTRL+SHIFT+N It will open a tab in Google chrome.

Privacy Mode on Microsoft Edge

The Microsft edge has its incognito mode which is called InPrivate window. So for opening that.

  1. Firstly you have to open your Microsoft Edge browser. And click on the three-dot button there.
  2. Now click on the New InPrivate window. And your Microsoft incognito window will open.
  3. Use CTRL+SHIFT+N for the shortcut keys.

And for closing the incognito window. Just close the running incognito tab and will close completely.

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