How to record screen in window 10

record screen in window 10

Windows 10 the widely used operating system in PCs and laptops. And it is way ahead of its competitors and holds 79.24% of desktop market share. And the consistency of new versions of the window makes this Microsoft operating system on top of the chart. Their journey started in November 18985 and in September 2014 Microsoft launches its most popular version of their operating system that is Windows 10.

And in the past 6 years, it got tons of updates and that makes Windows 10 more compatible and easy to use. So users don’t face any problem while using Windows and got all the major features that they need. But the most required feature that a user wants now days is to record screen in their Windows 10. So they can capture their gameplay and contents for Youtube and different social media platforms.

And windows has this feature in it too. But it comes with some restrictions that why we are going to tell you how this Windows 10 screen recording feature works. And how to use it more effectively. And last tells you about a recorder that you can use for free.

Record screen feature in Window 10

So it is an inbuilt feature of Windows 10 that is used by the name of the Xbox game bar and for using it you have to follow some steps.

Gamebar options

Step1– For using the screen record you get a shortcut key in Windows that is ctrl+g. This shortcut key to launch the Xbox bar on your screen. From which you can control the recorder.

features of gamebar

Step2– So in the recording bar, you got 4 main features first is the screenshot, the second records last 30 seconds, third is recording, and fourth and last is the Microphone that used to record your voice while screen recording.

start recording in window 10

Step3– Open an app or a game that you want to record Like chrome or any games. And now press ctrl+g. And click the start recording button. Now an extra bar will be a popup on your screen that shows the recording time and stop recording option.

video storage

Step4– And in the last step, when your recording is done click the stop recording button and you’re filled will be saved in the video capture folder.

Note– But there are some limitations with the window 10 screen recorder. It cant record your file explorer or main home screen. That means you only have an option to record one app at a time and can’t switch the apps between recording.

So what’s the alternative if someone wants a record, and can switch the apps while recording and record multiple apps at the same time.

Active presenter download

And in my opinion, the best free alternative to record screen in window 10 is Active presenter software. You can use it for screen recording and it comes up with many features. And if you think later that it a good software and you need its advanced version. Then you can also buy its paid editions too.

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